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The Incompetents at YAHOO have blocked my email account

I can’t get into my YAHOO email account. I’ve tried their ‘help’ sites without any success. There is NO POSSIBLE way to contact this band of nitwits. They post no phone numbers and they will not call me.

It seems the management at YAHOO have decided to be more unavailable than the Internal Revenue Service. They don’t even have a call center in central Carjackistan with an almost English speaking deaf-mute.


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Why is Yahoo Trying Not to Deal with Customers?

I got a threatening note from Yahoo, telling me I will lose their service if I don’t pay up in a certain length of time. However, they give me no manner of paying.

I’ve looked all over their website, trying to find where to update credit card information, send them money or just talk to someone. No way to do that. All potential avenues are dead ends.

So I finally found a location to ‘verify’ my phone number. The site says they’re going to send me a telephone message giving me a ‘code’. They don’t.

So far, this is miserable customer service. This really, really stinks.

I attemped another form of communication – send them an email request with the particulars of the problem. The website won’t allow that, either. Among other things, I have to type in “… the code you (meaning I) see below”. I do, carefully following the text, spacing, and capitalization exactly as shown. The website rejects it automatically. Several times.

This is really a pain. If they want to get rid of me as a customer, why not just tell me so?


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Senator Harry Reid Thinks All Republican Presidential Candidates are Losers!


My only comment is, “Really?”

A lifetime Democrat Continuum drone and wild-eyed liberal doesn’t like Republicans? Senator Reid doesn’t approve of conservatives – either social, fiscal or moral? How shocking!

For some reason, that’s news to Yahoo.


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