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Proof Positive!

I presume everyone now has heard of the church location mass murder on Sunday, 5th November 2017.

To recap, a man identified as Devin Patrick Kelley (age 26) killed some twenty people and injured six others at the last count I heard.  The mass murder was conducted around 11:30 AM at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Kelly has been credited with mental problems and aggressive behavior, including being discharged dishonorably from the Air Force and having been confined to some form of mental health facility.

This mass murderer used a firearm or firearms in this mass murder.  The use of a gun has predictably incited every liberal in the world to blame ‘guns’ for the actions of Kelley and most other deaths in the world.


However, the proposed legislative answer to the problem of murders – including mass-murders – as making firearms illegal or much harder to obtain – legally, of course – is undercut by the facts.

There are already laws, Federal and most if not all states, flatly barring the possession or acquisition of firearms by those adjudicated as ‘mentally imbalanced’.  The various laws use other terms than ‘mentally imbalanced’ but the underlying concept is the same.  There are already Federal and local laws prohibiting possession or acquisition of firearms by those convicted of ‘domestic abuse’, either as a felony or misdemeanor.  There are other laws in the state of Texas, Wilson County (Texas) and Sutherland Springs (Texas) regarding discharging weapons within certain areas (such as ‘city limits’ or ‘inhabited areas’), and murder.

In other words, if ‘passing a law’ would solve the problem of mass and individual murder, the problem has already been solved.


Still there will be those who wail and weep for ‘gun control’ and demand ‘we have to do something!’  I agree, we need to do something.  However, banning guns in an emotional paroxysm of legislation will not cease murders.

What can be done?

The first step is actually two-fold:

  1.  understand blaming an inanimate object for human misconduct – specifically hatred – is ridiculous and puerile.
  2.  understand a law does not prevent misconduct of any sort; a law merely makes such misconduct punishable.

Quickly following the first step is another two-fold action:

  1.  understand there are not enough and cannot be enough law enforcement personnel to immediately stop all violent crimes.
  2.  understand the intended victims are the only people in the place and time to prevent such violent crimes.

So, the facts destroy the argument of more legislation ‘banning’ guns.  All the gun haters have left is emotion and half-truths.  Why does this sound so familiar to me?



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Hate Speech and Murder

On 1st October, an alleged single male individual opened fire with several rifles on a crowd of people attending a Country and Western Music Concert in Paradise, Nevada.  Paradise, Nevada is located in the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area very close to McCarran International Airport.

As most adults are aware, some fifty-eight people were killed at the scene or died as a result shortly following.  Over four hundred people were wounded.

This is a horrific event.  All the victims of the homicidal attack were attending a music concert.   None of them, to anyone’s knowledge, had ever offended the murderer or even inconvenienced him.  This action was horrific.  Decent people around the world are horrified.

As horrible as this was, and the personal damage caused to victims and survivors alike is the reaction of the Left.  Those who claim to stand against ‘hate speech’ and publicly advocate an ‘inclusive’ and understanding view of others.

One Democrat, California State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) made a Facebook statement, on his Facebook page, blaming and specifically including every firearms owner in the United States as being responsible.

Former Secretary Hillary Clinton made a comment of equal venom and ignorance by vilifying sound suppressors – ‘silencers’ – hypothetically.  Just for the record, no sound suppressors were employed.  Nor did the crowd react instantly to the sound of gunfire.

Even more disgusting were the comments by CBS vice president and senior legal counsel Hayley Geftman-Gold (formerly employed in New York).  She said victims of the Las Vegas mass murder were “Republican gun toters” not deserving of sympathy.  She was fired after the statements were made public; but her position indicated a level of bias.

It is interesting in this context to note her statement was made public in a Facebook statement.  She later, after being apprised of her indefensible statement, apologized with much more consideration of her words than her initial statement.

Her unguarded statement is frighteningly reminiscent of the attitude of many dictators and junta members of the last century in showing no regard for ‘them’ (whoever disagreed with the speaker or the speaker’s party).  She essentially wrote off everyone who wasn’t totally agreeing with her feelings.

Just so there are NO misunderstandings, this is HATE SPEECH at the rawest.  It is incredible hatred and undisguised.  One wonders how many other similar statements were made and NOT publicly reported.

In contrast, how many on the Left accuse normal people of hate speech for disagreeing with their continuing destruction of Western values and freedom?

In contrast:

In 2013 (no newer information) there were 6,056 abortions reported in the State of Nevada.  I’m not picking on Nevada, but that’s where the shooting occurred.  Reported.  So this is a minimum number, assuming everyone reports everything accurately and so forth.  This information is from ‘johnstonarchieve.net‘ and cites information from CDC information collection.

In other words, the murders of 1st October amount to One Percent (1%) of the abortions performed in 2013.  From another view, that was roughly seventeen abortions per day (counting Saturday and Sunday).  So in about three and one half days, the numbers of abortions performed roughly equalled the number of people killed at the Las Vegas murders.

The mass-murder on 1st October was hideous.  What does that make the number of intentionally caused deaths due to abortions?  And keep in mind, that isn’t the number of deaths caused currently – the information is four years old.

Of course, this is trivialized by those promoting abortion.  After all, those are not ‘real’ deaths, as the victims were not ‘real’ people; they hadn’t been born yet.  Who cares?

One wonders if the deaths of infants in the United States by abortion is trivialized by people like Hayley Geftman-Gold in similar manner?

Or, in the famous words of another famous (infamous?) leftist, “What difference does it make anyway?”

I should also explain the lives of people are precious in the sight of God, and therefore precious to me.  I am certainly not as good at it as God, but constantly getting better.  (Better than I was, anyway.)  I do not rejoice in the deaths of ‘others’.  Not other races, not other nationalities, not other religions, not other political viewpoints.  (I am aware some jackass will object I left something out in that last sentence.)  Yeah, at times I feel less ‘Christian’ than I should; but then I pray about it and get my head back on straight.

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Doctor Carson is Right.

The only answer to mass murders and personal violence is active resistance.

Why do a number of persons – victims – stand by and allow mass murderers to kill others and the victim waiting in line to be killed?

Here’s a hint: It is not ‘human nature’. Humans have always been defensive and responsible for their own safety. However, in the last sixty plus years, U. S. citizens have been brainwashed with the message of “don’t resist, don’t fight back”. Initially, the idea was ‘property isn’t as valuable as human life’. From this, the idea of not resisting was emphasized.

Somewhere in this – I’m not sure of the specific moment – the idea that because your property was being stolen, the thief’s life was more important than the property involved. This functionally became the concept the thief’s ‘right’ to steal your property was more important than your ‘right’ to keep it.

It has been ruled by courts a ‘fleeing felon’, not presenting an immediate threat can not be countered with deadly force. This broad rule ignores the specific cases where a ‘fleeing felon’ has gone on to either immediately or with some time lapse commit other felonies, including personal attacks of a violent nature to include rape and murder.

Some states have gone so far as passing laws requiring the victim ‘retreat’ and not offer a defense of any form until they are physically unable to retreat further. The last possible moment is not a good time to begin a defense. But the ‘must retreat’ laws require this conduct. Of course, many of those same states do everything possible to remove firearms from non-felonious citizens. This furthers the pro-criminal stance of the politicians involved.

When the citizenry is prevented from self-defense, the only alternative is for the ‘government’ – usually in the form of police – to provide ‘defense’. However, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled in several cases, no police department can be expected to protect all citizens at all times, nor can they be reasonably expected to provide such service. When one realizes the average time for a response to a “911” call reporting deadly violence is several minutes – presuming anyone sees the crime being committed or the victim is able to place such a call – any thinking person should realize the individual is alone and can depend only on themselves for assistance or defense.

Please don’t misquote this as an attack on police officers or even police departments. The individual officer(s) will respond to such calls as quickly as possible. However, a call to 911 for help goes to a response call center, is evaluated (to separate non-emergencies from actual emergencies and fraudulent calls from honest calls), then passed onto the officer(s) assigned to ‘handle’ the request. The officer(s) then must physically travel to the scene of the request and gain entry to the immediate location. This all takes time. Again, this presumes a help call can even be made.

Three minutes could be a very long time for a college aged woman being sexually assaulted by four men. It could be a very long time for a college aged man being sexually assaulted by four men. (If you don’t feel three minutes – picked at random by your humble correspondent and deriving from no particular information – try holding your breath for three minutes and see.)

Now this concept and doctrine is coming back to present itself as more confident felons preying on the public.

Mass murderers should not be encouraged and abetted by politicians seeking more power for the government, either state or federal.

The only real world defense is that provided by the targeted victims. Denying a victim the ability to defend from a predatory criminal is abetting the predatory criminal. That is the answer, not more idiotic ‘gun control’.

One last thought. The stupidity of ‘Gun Control’ is based on the rather silly view that ‘guns’ are the essence of the problem. Allow me to present some reality: an inanimate object does not influence human thought. No artifact can engender evil in the mind of anyone. The evil is engendered within the mind and will of the person seeking to commit evil. Laws that deal with inanimate objects rather than evil are doomed to fail.

Unless the actual goal is to remove from honest people the ability to resist a dictatorial government.


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What More Needs be Said? Or Asked?

For those living in a cave, or living in the dream-world of the Democrat Collective; this last week witnessed another cowardly Islamist attack and mass-murder.

A nameless – and meriting no name – group, encouraged by the Yemeni branch of Al-Qeda attacked a publishing house in Paris and murdered four of the workers there. The reason Islam attacked the publishing house is the satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo. Satire, of course is why God allowed Islam to develop. The abysmal nature of Islam is perfectly made for satirical comment.

Incidently, satire – such as Charlie Hebdo tend to target everyone and everything in view. The Roman Catholic Church has either protested or filed lawsuits about some comments and cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo. I’m sure the French government has borne the scorn of Charlie Hebdo as well. Without doubt, other Christian groups or Judaism has also been the target of the satire.

However, to date, there are no known attacks either planned or perpetrated by B’nai B’rith, the French Secret Service (or equivalent), the Swiss Guard of the Roman Catholic Church, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptists, or the Committee for the Disapproval of Just About Everything.

Just Islamics. Just for good measure, the Islamics involved with the mass murder at Charlie Hebdo also are implicated in the murder of one or two French police officers – who committed the outrage of being French Police officers – shot up a Jewish Kosher restaurant and took some hostages and then took over a printing shop.

So much for the news. Now the official response from the U. S. Left: Eric Bates, Editor-in-Chief of “First Look Media” says the Islamic attack in Paris is the same as the late Jerry Falwell suing Hustler Magazine (and Larry Flint) for defamation of character.

How stupid can one be? Mass murder is the same as a lawsuit? Mass murder is the same as lawsuit without merit, even? This is purely and simply another idiotic attempt of the left wing of U. S. politics – you know, the ones who hate the United States and champion anything destructive to the U. S. – to show the ‘equality’ of disparate acts. It is also an attempt to discredit the reality of the Islamic threat to the free world.

The Beloved President continues on his pretense about how the Islamic murderers really are not representative of Islam. One might realistically ask: What then is ‘representative’ of Islam?

I’ve noted there are a couple of Islamic groups that have condemned the attacks. One such group is Hamas. Of course, Hamas is still recovering from a terror campaign against Israel last summer. They spent all their international support money on bombs and fortifications; got their Islamic butt whipped badly and are now attempting to get more international support money. So they have to look ‘reasonable’.

There are also accounts of various Islamic groups and Imams who denounce the Paris attacks and then in the same breath issue dire warnings of ‘retaliation’ against Muslims. Retaliation due to the Muslims who committed mass-murder in Paris, of course.

Perhaps if the Islamic leaders issued fatwas against gratuitous attacks by Muslims against free people BEFORE the attacks, the sentiment might have a bit more believability.

But here is the bottom line. If Muslims continue to murder those who don’t agree with them, or those who refuse to kowtow to Islam, or just anyone they don’t like – there will be a backlash.

Like the old joke says, “… we ain’t played Cowboys and Muslims yet!”

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