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The Incompetents at YAHOO have blocked my email account

I can’t get into my YAHOO email account. I’ve tried their ‘help’ sites without any success. There is NO POSSIBLE way to contact this band of nitwits. They post no phone numbers and they will not call me.

It seems the management at YAHOO have decided to be more unavailable than the Internal Revenue Service. They don’t even have a call center in central Carjackistan with an almost English speaking deaf-mute.


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First Amendment Works Both Ways


The Appointed One has spoken. The current President has said the Supreme Court should never have taken up the case in review.

Some will defend the President by saying, “He can speak his mind if he chooses. The First Amendment gives all citizens that right.”

Yes, that is correct. One could also say, “I am God, there is no other.” Several have, and the President seems to be getting closer all the time. However, I and other American citizens can believe differently. Further, we – those who can think rationally – can decide a person saying such a thing (seriously) is no one with whom we want to have contact in any way.

Presidents have before been accused of ‘megalomania’. However, never before with such public evidence.


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