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Why the Democrat Continuum is in a panic.

Leftists are very, very afraid as a group. No doubt there are some who simply haven’t grasped the reality yet, but one can observe the panic.

Consider: President Trump and the reluctant Republicans are about to enact the most serious tax alteration in some thirty years. Democrat has no other choice than to continue their lie about ‘only for the rich’. In real world terms, the Democrat considers anyone with a job as ‘rich’. Everyone is rich EXCEPT for those self-pitying, self-proclaimed victims who mindlessly vote for the Democrat.

The tax bill will encourage growth in business and create new jobs. Of course, the Democrat holds actual jobs in contempt. One either has a sinecure or is unemployed and collecting benefits. The Democrat is very afraid the voters who always vote Democrat get a job. That might cause the voter to see the real world and recognize the Democrat is NOT on their side.

Consider: President Trump is an actual leader. Not a whiny, cringing sycophant who crawls before other world leaders. Other nations respect President Trump and this terrifies the Democrat.

Consider: President Trump is pro-Christian. From what he says, the President seems to be a genuine Christian. He is in favor of Christmas as being a time of honoring God in human form. What a stark change from the last President who was a pro-Muslim nothing in terms of permanent loyalty. Perhaps a bit of a socialist. The idea of the United States honoring the contribution of Christianity since the beginning of the United States is simply unthinkable to the Democrat. The Democrat seeks a wishy-washy view of truth with no real meaning. There really are no rules and anything goes.

Consider: President Trump is pro United States. The duty of the President of the United States is to lead and promote the United States. To make sure the United States is industrially, militarily, morally and financially strong. In contrast to the Democrat ideal of the President being one to reduce the United States to third world status and allow the United States to be subject to any and all outside forces.

And the Democrats are panty wetting terrified over this: The number of those in the United States who support President Trump is constantly growing. We are not fooled by the Democrat controlled news services who only interview carefully chosen spokesmen of the left.

They really have reason to be afraid. They are losing.


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Stephen Paddock is logically a Leftist, probably Democrat

It only makes sense.

Being transparent and open, I do not know for sure about this.  But it follows from the known facts.  Consider:

The shooter in the Las Vegas mass murder intentionally selected as his target a group of Country-Western music aficionados.  Overwhelmingly,  Country-Western music enthusiasts are pro-American and therefore voted for Donald Trump.  One concludes the shooter suffers from anti-Trump or Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It is silly and illogical to suggest a pro-American would select such a target group.


The shooter made sure the mass murder would fit the pre-arranged claims of the Left aligned Democrat Continuum.  Sure enough, on cue, all the wild eyed Leftists were primed and ready to deploy the ‘ban guns’ paranoid delusion.  (Almost as if they were expecting the incident?)

It is silly and illogical to suggest a pro-American would damage the Second Amendment in such manner.


The shooter didn’t want to face his victims.  They weren’t real people to him, just ‘them’.  Very typical of Leftist thought and behavior.

All the pro-American people I know are rather ‘person oriented’, at least in this sense.  Very few are back shooters.  Pro-American people tend to consider the consequence of their actions more carefully.


The shooter killed himself rather than face the public, the justice system or the real world.

That is self-evident and I’ll leave it alone.


The last bit of known fact presumes Mr. Paddock was in fact the murderer.  If Mr. Paddock was deployed only as a decoy, scape-goat or red-herring, the actual murderer fit into the first three items and then killed Mr. Paddock to cover his crimes.

At the very least the Las Vegas murderer committed his crime to assist the Left, based on logical thought.



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So Much for the Referendum

I kept hearing in the news on NPR (I listen to the classical music and hear the official left wing news when I cannot turn down the sound in time) about how the Georgia special election was to be a ‘referendum’ on President Trump being elected.

The ‘referendum’ endorsed the election of President Trump rather than repudiate the election. Which undercuts the Democrat position.

I rather imagine the Democrat Continuum will use the standard ploy in dealing with this development. Ignore it. Pretend it never happened. If prompted, pretend it didn’t mean a thing. Tell everyone how it was a ‘moral’ victory how the Democratic Continuum candidate scored so many votes – without mentioning the incredible amount of money funneled into the election from all the Democrat Continuum donors around the country.

Here’s the moral of the story: President Trump won the last election because the voters of the United States preferred Mr. Trump and what he represents to Secretary Hillary Clinton and what she represents. And the Democrat Continuum is still panicked and upset and still denying why they lost.

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Why Don’t Beggars Really Talk?

Every day I get – uh – ‘several’ requests for funds donations.  They range from Second Amendment groups to Evangelistic organizations to political concerns, plus some ‘charitable’ groups promoting animals of various kinds to children’s support and a couple odd things that escape my memory.  Oh, yes; one individual parasite in PDSR California who feels all the world is here to support the non-working lifestyle to which the parasite has become accustomed.   In fact, I contribute to many of them; nearly all of them got my email or physical address by virtue of ME sending them money because I felt that particular entity was worthy of my financial support.  And I still do, mostly.  I don’t support the parasite any more.

However, I am not in a position to support everyone and everyone’s dog ALL the time.  I have a schedule of payments by which I abide.  If I feel I can contribute X number of dollars per year, I do so.  (Some I do monthly, some are bi-annual, some are when I feel like it.)  Still, the reminders and solicitations arrive daily.  “Thanks for your help; send more money now.”

One of the most egregiously offensive solicitations I receive is from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).  Now they’re telling me I’m not an ‘active Republican’ because I haven’t sent them any funding lately.  I’ve had three or four emails from various names – names I suspect might not be attached to a real human being – all claiming to represent the money grubbing section of the NRCC and pleading with me to send money and ‘wondering’ why I haven’t sent any lately.

I reply to these emails, explaining I send my political donations to the Tea Party and several Second Amendment organizations (NRA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, CCRKBA and I think someone else); if they need funds, check with those groups.  The only reply I get is for another questionable name to send me an email begging for money.


Everyone once in a while I get a ‘poll’ questionnaire.  This has a series of ‘my’ opinion questions on ‘current’ political issues.  Notably absent is anything related to personal self-defense or Second Amendment issues.  And, of course, at the end of the ‘questionnaire’ is the section regarding how much money I will send this week.

So I’m beginning to think those in charge of the Republican Party aren’t terribly interested in voter opinion, just votes and money.

I am a registered Republican.  The radio talk show commentator Dennis Prager has an interesting comment about current American political parties:  “There are two major parties; the Dangerous Destructive Party and the Stupid Party.  I belong to the Stupid Party.”  So do I.  I am a Republican because they fit my beliefs more closely.

Let’s face it, Democrats want to abolish the U. S. Constitution and establish a dictatorial form of government, based on welfare and secular pleasure.  The Republican Party is stilted, insular and old-fashioned.  However, the Republicans have a much better record on individual rights and much less interest in controlling every aspect of private life.

The Tea Party is much closer to my personal likes, and are mostly Republican.  So they get my money.  It is that simple.

Also, if the NRCC has time to send me endless emails begging for money, they could take the time to read my replies and deal with some of my concerns.  If they don’t want my opinion, they don’t need my money.

I remember having this same problem with street beggars.  When approached on the street, I would ask them questions about what they did for work; what they had been trained to do; where did they live and so on.  It is amazing to me how many beggars – for that is what they are – felt they were entitled to my money, but I wasn’t entitled to any information about why they were beggars.


Of note; the Democrat Party doesn’t have this problem.  Democrat herd members don’t question the dictates of their leaders; they just obey.  Funding for the Democrat Party comes from rich people (the ones Republicans are always accused of representing) who find the government control beloved of the Democrat beneficial to profits.

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