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I Now Have Another Gripe…

The title reminds me of an old mock up cartoon drawing of Daffy Duck in a foul mood (as if he had alternatives) saying, “Daily I am forced (forthed) to add to the every growing list (litht) of people who can just kiss (kith) my … [- uh – tailfeathers]!”

I like Brownell’s company for firearms parts and tools. I’ve used them. I have an account with them. They’re good people. But the advertising…

The ‘catch my attention’ line in the email is “Don’t settle for the same old gun!” So I’m already a bit chaffed. I’ve carried this old Colt (lightweight) Commander in .45 Awfulmatic for a number of years and had it longer. I like it. I like what it does. I have no intention – and regardless of ‘deal’ – to change it for something – Lord help me! – new.

Then I opened the advertisement. It shows a pistol – looks like a Glock – with ‘enhanced’ sights, a holographic sight along with the sights, an extended barrel with a boss or lug on the end, a flashlight or laser beam attached under the slide/barrel, fancy decorative milling on the slide and and oversized base to the magazine. I cannot see it, of course, but I would imagine a beveled magazine well.

I carry my Commander as a concealed weapon. It is already big enough to hide. I do not need all that foo-foo crap to hide as well.

I do have high visibility fixed sights and some work on the trigger. That does not add any weight or size to the pistol. The pistol is sighted in with the load I carry and I am confident of hitting a human silhouette from the muzzle to in excess of fifty yards (depends on how the eyes focus that day; I’m getting old.) Head shots only to twenty-five to thirty yards.

No, I’m not ‘settling’. No, I do not require a ‘new gun’!


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I accept the challenge!

In reality, the challenge wasn’t issued to me specifically. See the video on youtube, ‘Challenge: Can you pass the qualification test? Part I”. I searched and cannot find a Part II yet. The author notes Part II will be a couple more handguns in his stable.

Fire twenty (20) rounds at a bullseye type target at 45 feet. (That’s the same as 15 yards, by the way.) No time limit noted. The guns used are limited to those one actually carries.

I’m up for a challenge. It’s either that or move to the ‘home’ and wait to die.

I’m trying to think of all the guns I consider as ‘normal carry handguns”. My normal carry pistol is a lightweight Commander in .45 ACP. Probably the dinkiest gun I carry is a Smith & Wesson Chief Special. (A two inch barrel, five shot revolver in .38 Special.)

My immediate thoughts are the Commander, the Chief Special, a two-inch K frame .38 Special revolver and that .44 Special Second Model I keep bragging about. That’s four handguns. One of the .32 auto collection will make it a total of five. That sounds indicative and responsive. Hmmm. Perhaps Monday. Anything to get out of cleaning the house!

I’ll get back to you all.


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