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I Now Have Another Gripe…

The title reminds me of an old mock up cartoon drawing of Daffy Duck in a foul mood (as if he had alternatives) saying, “Daily I am forced (forthed) to add to the every growing list (litht) of people who can just kiss (kith) my … [- uh – tailfeathers]!”

I like Brownell’s company for firearms parts and tools. I’ve used them. I have an account with them. They’re good people. But the advertising…

The ‘catch my attention’ line in the email is “Don’t settle for the same old gun!” So I’m already a bit chaffed. I’ve carried this old Colt (lightweight) Commander in .45 Awfulmatic for a number of years and had it longer. I like it. I like what it does. I have no intention – and regardless of ‘deal’ – to change it for something – Lord help me! – new.

Then I opened the advertisement. It shows a pistol – looks like a Glock – with ‘enhanced’ sights, a holographic sight along with the sights, an extended barrel with a boss or lug on the end, a flashlight or laser beam attached under the slide/barrel, fancy decorative milling on the slide and and oversized base to the magazine. I cannot see it, of course, but I would imagine a beveled magazine well.

I carry my Commander as a concealed weapon. It is already big enough to hide. I do not need all that foo-foo crap to hide as well.

I do have high visibility fixed sights and some work on the trigger. That does not add any weight or size to the pistol. The pistol is sighted in with the load I carry and I am confident of hitting a human silhouette from the muzzle to in excess of fifty yards (depends on how the eyes focus that day; I’m getting old.) Head shots only to twenty-five to thirty yards.

No, I’m not ‘settling’. No, I do not require a ‘new gun’!


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There’s a Blizzard Out There!

02 February 2016, Hastings, Nebraska.

For those of you not really paying attention to the national (or international, I suppose) news, it snowed all barking night here. There is a local ‘winter storm warning’ about the snow.

How much? When I looked out this AM, the rail on my back porch – a 2×4 essentially – had a ridge of snow about twelve to fourteen inches (thirty to thirty-six centimeters) high perched on the rail. Had the base been wider, I think it might have been higher, but the top layer of snow is falling off.

Temperatures in the climactic area – the snowstorm – is running between fifteen degrees to upper twenties degrees Fahrenheit (roughly negative 10 to 4 degrees Celsius).

Yes, I am aware there on places on Earth which are quite colder and feature more snow. I am not jealous or envious. I do not want any sort of record for amount of snow, length of time snow is on the ground or cold temperature. This is quite enough for your humble correspondent and his faithful and fearless dog.

Blondie, who is faithful and fearless, went out into the back yard to relieve herself. When she walked into the snow, she sank up to her belly, more or less twelve inches (30 millimeters). She did not like it; normally she loves the colder weather and light snow.

There is enough snow on the front porch to block the screen door somewhat. I can get it open enough to get out and clean off the porch, but I haven’t bothered.

The mailman didn’t come today. I don’t know if I just didn’t have mail (most of it junk anyway) or if the carriers were not moving.

There is wind. According to the weather website, currently the official wind rate is forty miles (60 kilometers, according to the conversion table) per hour. Supposedly it was higher velocity earlier, and is now abating.

The house is warm enough for us. I still wear a sweater or house coat, but it’s comfortable. The house could be better insulated and wind proofed. Much better than a tent, teepee or rough cabin.

Good news is the snow is supposed to taper off and stop during the night. But it won’t disappear instantly. Some of the doughy neighbors have fired up their snow blowers and cleaned off sidewalks and driveways to some extent. The city snow plows are scheduled to start at midnight to clear streets (which will probably block my driveway – sigh…)

I do have food in the house to last a week or so. Already I’ve seen a couple of private citizens in pickup trucks moving down the street. Within a day or so, I’ll be able to get out of the house and get to the store or restaurant. I am not snowed in until the spring thaw in April or May. It just seems like it. The cable TV is working, so I have television and internet.

Arizona is sounding better all the time. The ‘low’ elevations in particular.

Of course, I have backup. God is present in all this and cheers me up. If I were deeply depressed, I wouldn’t be writing this at all. It is sort of a nice excuse to not have to do anything.

I’ll finish up my taxes for submission. (I’m getting a pile back from the Feds; not sure about the state yet.) I’ve also managed to spend nearly $200 on an ‘older’ sight for an ‘older’ rifle I bought in January (by phone). I will check on having my chronograph repaired (there’s a wire loose in the ‘brain’). (Which has been mentioned about me in casual conversation; I don’t have a repair facility for that sort of thing.)

So the dog and I are stuck. Sort of. Sort of a glimpse of being really old and not mobile. We’ll watch “Marvel’s Agent Carter” tonight and probably sleep together. Life could be much worse.

Thanks, Lord.

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