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Life Imitates Art…

Most everyone of my age remembers the original “Star Wars” with Mark Hamill, Sir Alec Guinness, Harrison Ford, of course Carrie Fisher and others. Many younger people are quite familiar with it as well. It is indeed a modern classic.

Harken back to a scene where Imperial Stormtroopers stop the small craft containing Luke Skywalker, the anonymous Obi-wan Kenobi and the two ‘droids (robots to me) C3PO and R2D2. Obi-wan performs a bit of Jedi mind control and the lead Stormtrooper parrots, “We don’t need to see his identification. These are NOT the ‘droids we’re looking for.” It is a funny scene, even if both Obi-wan and the Stormtrooper dangle a preposition. Sigh…

Now imagine this: A small craft of some kind carrying former Former Secretary of State Clinton, President Obama, Representative Pelosi, Senator Chuck Schumer and Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. They are stopped by FBI Director James Comey. Director Comey says, “We don’t need to do any investigation. These are NOT the ‘droids we’re looking for.”


I probably have too much time on my hands… Oh. If I suddenly disappear or commit suicide, remember this.

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Madonna’s Speech was Taken out of Context?


Perhaps she should attempt it again, this time not at a President Trump lynch mob party and let ‘us’ decide how it sounds.

A less charitable thought is perhaps is the ‘perceived’ harsh rhetoric backfiring on her.

Perhaps one should give it a week and then decide? I do not think one needs to be a big hurry.

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Political Commentary

I don’t normally do this, but these were sent to me and I felt them appropriate to post in light of recent events. I trust you will enjoy them.


















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Violent Trump Supporters?

I just saw a headline wherein Donald Trump ‘admitted’ his supporters were ‘violent’. This was on a tour (the “Thank You” tour) at a stop in Orlando, Florida. The President-Elect made an attempt to ‘calm’ them, not for the first time, by the way. The story was carried on CNN, NBS, and of course, the Huffington Post.

I have to wonder what is meant here by ‘violent’ or ‘mean and nasty’. I wonder just how many automobiles where destroyed by ‘Trump supporters’? How many people where attacked and beaten for being ‘other’? How many police officers were called out and then attacked by ‘Trump supporters’ in the course of riots? I do recall some ‘Trump supporters’ being less than sympathetic when all the idiot liberals cried, sucked their thumbs and wailed over the prospect of having to get a job.

Oddly enough, I don’t remember ANY liberal candidate, politician or alleged “reporter”decrying or demanding any of the liberal inspired rioters cease and desist in the aftermath of Secretary Clinton’s overwhelming defeat. All I heard from the left wing propaganda – excuse me, I mean ‘news’ – outlets was sympathy and understanding for the confusion, disappointment and ‘fear’ (of getting a real job?) for the rioters.

As long as I’m on the subject:

What about the ‘conflict of interest’ problem possible with President-Elect Trump’s business holdings and his responsibility as President? He ‘might’ have a problem.

But never mentioned by the Democrat Propaganda Machine – excuse me, I meant to say, the ‘news media’ – is any hint of Secretary Clinton’s up-to-the-moment conflicts of interest when acting in the official capacity of Secretary of State. Nor any comment about the very questionable activities of the ‘Clinton Foundation’.

President-Elect Trump’s choice for Secretary of State has been innuendoed regarding his dealings with and relationship to Russia and Russian leadership. Really? Having a working relationship with others is a bad thing? Being competent in dealing with others is a bad thing? I guess it depends on one’s viewpoint.

I recall during much of the Cold War how the liberal side went to great extremes to take the side of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), colloquially referred to as ‘Russia’. The Soviets were all decent people, their leaders honorable and all problems arising between the two powers (the U. S. and the U. S. S. R.) were always the total fault of the antiquated and reactionary United States.

Now, that Russia is no longer the champion of socialism/communism, the liberals seem to think dealing with them is not such a good idea. How odd.

I’m not going to start on First Lady Michelle Obama’s statement about “… no hope…” Once again, I suppose it depends on one’s viewpoint. (Being productive and earning an income or welfare.)

Actually, this whole problem is summed up very adequately in one word. “Crybaby”.


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The Futility of Politically Motivated Prosecutions

Once again, the politically correct and seemingly “specifically criminal law deficient” Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby failed to convict another police officer she wanted to prosecute simply because her constituency was upset at the death of Freddie Gray.

So far, of six officer charged with the negligent homicide of Mr. Gray, four of the politically motivated trials have ended with loses for the ‘state’; that is, none of the four so far tried have been shown to be culpable under criminal standards for Mr. Gray’s death. Three of those trials have been acquittals and the ‘best’ results for Marilyn Mosby and the rest of the prosecution team has been a mis-trial.

This is what happens when prosecutors indict people on the demand of protestors instead of evidence. Not to compare any of the six officer indicted with Jesus, the Christ, but the protestors and demonstrators in Jerusalem demanded Pilate to condemn Jesus to death. Jesus’ execution followed and was based on the ‘public opinion’ of demonstrators and protestors rather than on evidence – which Pilate himself admitted.

Essentially, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby participated in a legalized form of lynch mob. So far, she has failed, happily for the State of Maryland, the United States and jurisprudence (does attorney Mosby understand the ‘prudence’ part of that word?) in general.

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Rare Glock Wanted!

If anyone knows about these pistols, I have two buyers who will pay cash for one each.

In the above referenced video, the U. S. President reports the existence of a Glock pistol with “… a lot of clips in it …” Aside from the rather uneducated errors in the comments, I am aware of no Glock pistol which will accept more than one ‘clip’ at one time. Nor am I aware of any Glock pistol which uses a ‘clip’; they use magazines. I am companioned in this mystification by a good friend who is a Glock collector and – at least for me and the girls I accompany – rather an expert in the world of Glock.

However, since it is proper to keep an open mind about such matters, I am prepared to be educated. So, if anyone knows of such a device, please bring it to my attention. And I want to buy one. I like firearms oddities. (Please include photos and asking price.)

In the same CNN interview, the President also made reference to an ‘assault weapon’ carried by the radicalized Islamic who conducted the murders in Orlando, Florida over the weekend. This also confuses me. The rifle carried by the Islamic shooter is not an AR 15; nor is an AR 15 an assault rifle. Notice I used the term ‘assault rifle’ vice ‘assault weapon’.

The U. S. Armed Forces – and other armed forces about the world – have used the term ‘assault rifle’ for a number of years. It is NOT a particular rifle, but a category of rifle employed by soldiers under certain conditions. Among other considerations, an assault rifle is capable of fully automatic fire at the desire of the user. The weapon carried by the Islamic shooter does not have that capability. One also notes the absence of the use of term ‘assault weapon’ in the Armed Forces. There are no ‘assault pistols’, no ‘assault shotguns’, no ‘assault potato peelers’ or other such items. There is a class of fully automatic weapons which can be used in an assault (a noun as opposed to a adjective), but these are properly referred to as ‘light machine guns’; not ‘assault machine guns’.

I applaud the President’s decision to not identify the rifle used by the Muslim shooter; it was not as reported in the initial reports as an AR 15, but is a SIG-Sauer MCX Carbine. This rifle is not fully automatic either. Nor has anyone in a position to report the incident – witnesses – reported any fully automatic fire delivered. The two hours, more or less, the Muslim shooter had unrestricted control over his victims surely explains the number of victims killed and wounded rather than the rate of fire of the weapon or weapons involved.

Of course, the term ‘assault weapon‘ has long been used by the ‘media’, but only in the attempt to vilify weapons and the people who own them. I cannot believe our President would use incorrect and biased language in such a manner.

What also strikes me as odd is the President’s reluctance to associate an Islamic shooter targeting what appears to be homosexual men, with the Islamic, Koran based teaching that homosexuals are evil and should be killed. The President says this was an act of terror, but not Islamic or Muslim terror.

I suppose the comments of the shooter’s father shed no light on the matter, either.

The President did admit the profusion of laws prohibiting all manner of people – U. S. veterans who have someone else balance their check book for instance – do nothing to prevent this sort of terror attack. But then he went on to suggest ‘more’ is needed to curb the availability of firearms to normal U. S. citizens. Since the Muslim shooter passed a background check – never having been convicted of a crime or misdemeanor associated with domestic violence – the President hinted this standard was too permissive and needs to be more restrictive.

Perhaps as a nation we should not allow those who refuse our cultural norms – like murdering homosexuals, Jews, or anyone not a Muslim – to live in this nation? Perhaps the President is not looking at the real problem. What a shocking thought!

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Two Constitutional Outrages

I have a problem with pigeons currently. A pair of pigeons found a roof support on the front of my house – I think it is primarily decorative – and have been landing there. In consequence, they defecate on my front steps. Right smack in the middle of the top two steps. For a small pair of birds – pigeons, not more than a couple of pounds each I would guess – they sure process a lot of food. Apparently. They leave the processed food on my steps.

I clean the steps of the pigeon waste regular and have attempted to scare them away by yelling at them. (No poison, shooting – difficult in an incorporated city – or fatal measures. Yet.) They seem to have cleared off temporarily, but I’m watching.

In the recent past, a group of human pigeons have descended upon the Donald Trump campaign. (I classify these people as human pigeons as they are not very bright and leave messes behind.) As they carry ‘Bernie’ placards, one gathers they are Democrat in nature. The sole purpose of descending upon the Donald Trump campaign is to disrupt and prevent the event – speeches and campaigning – from taking place.

This is an outrage. It is a clear and flagrant violation of the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech – voicing opinions. Not only is it a violation of the wording of the First Amendment, it is a violation of the spirit of the First Amendment. Technically, the First Amendment only applies to the Federal Government and by logical extension SCOTUS has held this applies to all levels of government. No government can retaliate or stifle opposing views by force of authority. However, the spirit of the First Amendment in the United States applies to all citizens; no group is ‘entitled’ to deny another group to voice their opinions and forcibly prevent an opposing view.

One notes, the left is famous and notorious for such actions. Over the past forty years, I have read accounts of various left wing groups banding together to forcibly and sometimes violently prevent pro Constitution and pro American speakers and groups from voicing opinions about issues and elections.

For instance, in February of this year (2016) ‘liberal’ (meaning left wing) activists attempted to prevent Ben Shapiro at California State University-Los Angeles (CSULA) from speaking.

Look back at the era of the 1960s and 1970s. I cannot find references to them – odd that – but I recall any number of conservative or Republican speakers who were denied the ability to make a speech in a private venue by anti-American protesters under the ‘liberal’ banner. To deny those things happened is to expose one’s ignorance or fraudulent nature.

Without doubt, the ‘protesters’ – the pigeons – at the Trump campaign event were ‘progressives’ who seek to destroy any real discussion or difference of opinion – opposing opinion – to their agenda of political dominance.

This was not a protest or rally to voice opposing opinions to Donald Trump; it was a concerted attack to prevent Donald Trump from exercising his rights as an American citizen to speak and sway other’s opinions.

The Trump campaign paid for the venue, organized the schedule and provided logistical support at their cost.

No protesters paid for anything regarding the event. They just went to deny others the right to either speak their mind or to hear what was to be said.

That is an outrage.

The second outrage is the ‘media’s” reporting. Most all went out of their way to blame Donald Trump for being ‘inflammatory’ rather than the pigeons from defecating. Not one – initially – brought up the issue of the pigeon’s denying other rights to assemble and voice opinions.

Why not?

The usual suspects in the “media”, the ones who do their best to sound and act like the Democrat Party’s propaganda wing are opposed to Donald Trump from the outset. After all, Donald Trump is a capitalist, not a socialist, believes in individual merit and the idea that one who works and puts out effort should gain wealth by doing so. This is absolute opposition to the goals of the Democrat Party. So they ignore the basic considerations of decency and applaud any move to hamper the cause of Donald Trump. The First Amendment – or the spirit thereof – does not apply to Donald Trump.

One could say much of the “media” are merely pigeons with publishing (to include television and radio) ability.

However, Fox News seemed to be following this mindset; at least part of the cause of the violence and upheaval at the Trump rally was due to Donald Trump’s view on things. Mr. Trump’s views is decidedly not politically correct and this offends many people, but can this be properly seen as ‘the’ cause for the problems of liberal agents violently and unashamedly denying Mr. Trump the right to express himself?

The Republican High Command is both afraid and angry with Donald Trump. Why? Because Donald Trump is very popular and because Donald Trump is not considered a loyal Republican candidate (stooge). The repercussions of a Donald Trump victory bode ill for the security and income of the members of the Republican High Command. One sees the Republican High Command putting pressure on Fox News to paint Donald Trump in a bad light.

Even if it means siding with the Democrat Party to obscure the actual pigeons. And that is outrageous as well.


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