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The Order of Saint Ballistica

I have started the Order of Saint Ballistica. It is a religious order. More or less.

Anyone is welcome to join, provided one can fulfill the requirements, as listed following:

One: Know and observe all the requirements of basic, mainstream, Christianity. (Orthodox or not, but observing a sense of mutual Christian respect and love and consideration for the details of others observance.)

Two: In addition, an adherent of the Order of Saint Ballistica must observe three additional sacrements:

* Firearms ownership. One must of one’s own volition own and approve of firearms and firearms ownership. If prevented by law or circumstance, one must be in favor of firearms ownership.

* Firearms possession. One must be in possession of a firearm, loaded and adequately maintained for use. Again, if prevented by law or circumstance, one must be in favor of such activity and state of being.

* Coffee.





Yes. One must have a gender.

Application process and membership bestowal:

In good faith, an applicant will acknowledge the above and post a placard showing affiliation in a reasonably visible place.

Excommunication process:

Should a member be found in blatant violation of the above requirements, a quorum of four other members will gather in view of the violator, point at the violator and say, “Neener, neener, neener!” followed by evidencing the raspberry.

Then go for coffee and exchange lies about one’s shooting ability.


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Madonna’s Speech was Taken out of Context?


Perhaps she should attempt it again, this time not at a President Trump lynch mob party and let ‘us’ decide how it sounds.

A less charitable thought is perhaps is the ‘perceived’ harsh rhetoric backfiring on her.

Perhaps one should give it a week and then decide? I do not think one needs to be a big hurry.

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The Incompetents at YAHOO have blocked my email account

I can’t get into my YAHOO email account. I’ve tried their ‘help’ sites without any success. There is NO POSSIBLE way to contact this band of nitwits. They post no phone numbers and they will not call me.

It seems the management at YAHOO have decided to be more unavailable than the Internal Revenue Service. They don’t even have a call center in central Carjackistan with an almost English speaking deaf-mute.

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Violent Trump Supporters?

I just saw a headline wherein Donald Trump ‘admitted’ his supporters were ‘violent’. This was on a tour (the “Thank You” tour) at a stop in Orlando, Florida. The President-Elect made an attempt to ‘calm’ them, not for the first time, by the way. The story was carried on CNN, NBS, and of course, the Huffington Post.

I have to wonder what is meant here by ‘violent’ or ‘mean and nasty’. I wonder just how many automobiles where destroyed by ‘Trump supporters’? How many people where attacked and beaten for being ‘other’? How many police officers were called out and then attacked by ‘Trump supporters’ in the course of riots? I do recall some ‘Trump supporters’ being less than sympathetic when all the idiot liberals cried, sucked their thumbs and wailed over the prospect of having to get a job.

Oddly enough, I don’t remember ANY liberal candidate, politician or alleged “reporter”decrying or demanding any of the liberal inspired rioters cease and desist in the aftermath of Secretary Clinton’s overwhelming defeat. All I heard from the left wing propaganda – excuse me, I mean ‘news’ – outlets was sympathy and understanding for the confusion, disappointment and ‘fear’ (of getting a real job?) for the rioters.

As long as I’m on the subject:

What about the ‘conflict of interest’ problem possible with President-Elect Trump’s business holdings and his responsibility as President? He ‘might’ have a problem.

But never mentioned by the Democrat Propaganda Machine – excuse me, I meant to say, the ‘news media’ – is any hint of Secretary Clinton’s up-to-the-moment conflicts of interest when acting in the official capacity of Secretary of State. Nor any comment about the very questionable activities of the ‘Clinton Foundation’.

President-Elect Trump’s choice for Secretary of State has been innuendoed regarding his dealings with and relationship to Russia and Russian leadership. Really? Having a working relationship with others is a bad thing? Being competent in dealing with others is a bad thing? I guess it depends on one’s viewpoint.

I recall during much of the Cold War how the liberal side went to great extremes to take the side of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), colloquially referred to as ‘Russia’. The Soviets were all decent people, their leaders honorable and all problems arising between the two powers (the U. S. and the U. S. S. R.) were always the total fault of the antiquated and reactionary United States.

Now, that Russia is no longer the champion of socialism/communism, the liberals seem to think dealing with them is not such a good idea. How odd.

I’m not going to start on First Lady Michelle Obama’s statement about “… no hope…” Once again, I suppose it depends on one’s viewpoint. (Being productive and earning an income or welfare.)

Actually, this whole problem is summed up very adequately in one word. “Crybaby”.


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The Futility of Politically Motivated Prosecutions

Once again, the politically correct and seemingly “specifically criminal law deficient” Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby failed to convict another police officer she wanted to prosecute simply because her constituency was upset at the death of Freddie Gray.

So far, of six officer charged with the negligent homicide of Mr. Gray, four of the politically motivated trials have ended with loses for the ‘state’; that is, none of the four so far tried have been shown to be culpable under criminal standards for Mr. Gray’s death. Three of those trials have been acquittals and the ‘best’ results for Marilyn Mosby and the rest of the prosecution team has been a mis-trial.

This is what happens when prosecutors indict people on the demand of protestors instead of evidence. Not to compare any of the six officer indicted with Jesus, the Christ, but the protestors and demonstrators in Jerusalem demanded Pilate to condemn Jesus to death. Jesus’ execution followed and was based on the ‘public opinion’ of demonstrators and protestors rather than on evidence – which Pilate himself admitted.

Essentially, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby participated in a legalized form of lynch mob. So far, she has failed, happily for the State of Maryland, the United States and jurisprudence (does attorney Mosby understand the ‘prudence’ part of that word?) in general.

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More Progressive? What Does That Mean?

Secretary of State (former) Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernard “Bernie” Sanders are now engaged in arguing who is ‘more progressive’; part of running for the Democrat Party candidate for President.

Really? More progressive?

Progressive in the political meaning as observed by the Democrat Party means “spending other people’s money”. All the agenda items on the progressive platform involves ‘giving’ – what a great word – this or that to those who don’t have it now. Wealth in the form of ‘income equity’, housing, the ability to live freely and move freely. All this wealth without having to work for it.

However, as noted by many thinkers, a government cannot give anything to anyone not taken from someone else first. The government does not ‘produce’ wealth; government only takes wealth away from someone who does produce it.

Consequently, a government – a ‘progressive’ government – gives away ‘wealth’ to supporters at the expense of working people; the actual producers.

So when the two Democrat ‘progressives’ are arguing which is going to raise taxes most and take away more wealth from working people than the other. How delightful.

Of course, one who doesn’t work, doesn’t want to work and quite possibly isn’t capable of doing anything productive is all in favor of this form of ‘redistribution’. This plan is far more profitable than robbing liquor stores or gas stations. This plan is far more profitable than looting. This plan is safer than robbing banks. And it doesn’t result in jail or prison time. Just the thing for Democrat voters.

Of course, ‘progressives’ couch the wealth redistribution plans as “Christian”. After all, Jesus said to take care of the poor. What they miss about what Jesus said is Jesus was speaking to individual Christians. Jesus told His followers they individually were to take an interest in poor people and be individually concerned about them. Jesus never implied or said for a ‘society’ to forcibly take money (tax) from workers and use that money against their will to unquestionably pay non-workers infinitely. In fact, the governmental plan removes the element of concern from the individual about the needy person.

Details, details, details.

So the argument between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders is who is more willing to forcibly take money from anyone who works and give it to anyone who votes for them. Very attractive for those who vote for a living. Not so great for those who work for a living.

Oh, there are other considerations as well. Progressive also means taxpayer paid abortions on demand. Progressive means avoidance of personal responsibility in terms of service to others or national security. Progressive means denial of the value of the United States as a leader in freedom. Progressive means denial of religious freedom (except currently for Islamics). Progressive means denial of freedom to speak out against a repressive government.

Perfect. If one is an insect.

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Doctor Carson is Right.

The only answer to mass murders and personal violence is active resistance.

Why do a number of persons – victims – stand by and allow mass murderers to kill others and the victim waiting in line to be killed?

Here’s a hint: It is not ‘human nature’. Humans have always been defensive and responsible for their own safety. However, in the last sixty plus years, U. S. citizens have been brainwashed with the message of “don’t resist, don’t fight back”. Initially, the idea was ‘property isn’t as valuable as human life’. From this, the idea of not resisting was emphasized.

Somewhere in this – I’m not sure of the specific moment – the idea that because your property was being stolen, the thief’s life was more important than the property involved. This functionally became the concept the thief’s ‘right’ to steal your property was more important than your ‘right’ to keep it.

It has been ruled by courts a ‘fleeing felon’, not presenting an immediate threat can not be countered with deadly force. This broad rule ignores the specific cases where a ‘fleeing felon’ has gone on to either immediately or with some time lapse commit other felonies, including personal attacks of a violent nature to include rape and murder.

Some states have gone so far as passing laws requiring the victim ‘retreat’ and not offer a defense of any form until they are physically unable to retreat further. The last possible moment is not a good time to begin a defense. But the ‘must retreat’ laws require this conduct. Of course, many of those same states do everything possible to remove firearms from non-felonious citizens. This furthers the pro-criminal stance of the politicians involved.

When the citizenry is prevented from self-defense, the only alternative is for the ‘government’ – usually in the form of police – to provide ‘defense’. However, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled in several cases, no police department can be expected to protect all citizens at all times, nor can they be reasonably expected to provide such service. When one realizes the average time for a response to a “911” call reporting deadly violence is several minutes – presuming anyone sees the crime being committed or the victim is able to place such a call – any thinking person should realize the individual is alone and can depend only on themselves for assistance or defense.

Please don’t misquote this as an attack on police officers or even police departments. The individual officer(s) will respond to such calls as quickly as possible. However, a call to 911 for help goes to a response call center, is evaluated (to separate non-emergencies from actual emergencies and fraudulent calls from honest calls), then passed onto the officer(s) assigned to ‘handle’ the request. The officer(s) then must physically travel to the scene of the request and gain entry to the immediate location. This all takes time. Again, this presumes a help call can even be made.

Three minutes could be a very long time for a college aged woman being sexually assaulted by four men. It could be a very long time for a college aged man being sexually assaulted by four men. (If you don’t feel three minutes – picked at random by your humble correspondent and deriving from no particular information – try holding your breath for three minutes and see.)

Now this concept and doctrine is coming back to present itself as more confident felons preying on the public.

Mass murderers should not be encouraged and abetted by politicians seeking more power for the government, either state or federal.

The only real world defense is that provided by the targeted victims. Denying a victim the ability to defend from a predatory criminal is abetting the predatory criminal. That is the answer, not more idiotic ‘gun control’.

One last thought. The stupidity of ‘Gun Control’ is based on the rather silly view that ‘guns’ are the essence of the problem. Allow me to present some reality: an inanimate object does not influence human thought. No artifact can engender evil in the mind of anyone. The evil is engendered within the mind and will of the person seeking to commit evil. Laws that deal with inanimate objects rather than evil are doomed to fail.

Unless the actual goal is to remove from honest people the ability to resist a dictatorial government.


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