About the Old Man

Pretty much what you see is what I am.  All opinions are mine and may or may not coincide with other groups or entities.

In short, I am a retired Federal Flatfoot.

I spent six years as a Border Patrol Agent in beautiful downtown Calexico, People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of California. For those deprived of visiting Calexico, it was at the time a hot and dusty little town that was actually the northernmost suburb of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. There is the legal fiction of a fence, but essentially, it’s part of Mexicali. The population of Calexico was about 95% Mexican or Mexican derived, 3% Chinese or Chinese derived and 2% Federal employee.

I worked the last twenty-two years of my ‘gainful’ life as a Customs Inspector and then beginning in March 2003, a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer. I was the friendly guy at the U. S. border who greeted you as you arrived with a cheery smile and the opening line of “Welcome to the United States! Let me see your passport and documents, open all your bags and take off all your clothes.” In my case, the ‘border’ was the ‘functional equivalent of the border’ at Los Angeles World Airport (LAX). For my sins.

Among other things while working for Customs, I arrested two men on murder warrants, dealt with two known terrorists, several others I thought were terrorists, one child molester – gack! – and a plethora of other villains, malefactors, evil-doers, sloppy keepers of track, and the clueless.

Somewhere in my life, I made my living as a locksmith for about seven years.

My life long passion has been for firearms. I collect, study, shoot and talk about guns probably more than any other single subject (except for Christianity and Cosmology). Having carried a firearm in the cause of my country for thirty-two years (four Marine Corps, six Border Patrol and twenty-two Customs/CBP) I have some pretty strong opinions on firearms ownership and use. It’s pretty simple: Unless one is a thug or mentally/emotionally deficient, one should OWN and CARRY a firearm at all times.

I am literally a life-long Christian. I was in church in what was called ‘Cradle Roll’ when an infant. I made a public declaration of my affiliation with God through Jesus Christ when I was nine years old. Albeit I’m a rebellious and somewhat dastardly sort at times, I know my duties to God and His will. I was even pastor of a church for a short time. None of which is to say I’m a model character. I’ve been divorced three times. When I get out of line, God has a way of dealing with both me and the situation. A cattle prod would be gentler. Still, God is a lot more lenient than I deserve.

This blog will include essays on things political, firearms and ballistics and theology with perhaps an occasional foray into cosmology and some humor.

If anyone is interested, this is me in early 2012.

The format is not the way I want it, but I’m working on altering it to make finding posts by subject easier. We’ll see how that works out.

15 responses to “About the Old Man

  1. time4me

    Hi there Archie,
    Pretty Cool Blog!
    I’m no good at politics you know – should I come here for an education?

  2. I have a feeling that I’m going to really like your blog. Looking forward to getting to know you as I read. God bless you and yours!

  3. Thank you for your kind words. Other readers, pray note, I do not – as far as I am aware – know GentlySpeaking. But I suppose I will as she reads and comments on things here. Well met, and may God’s Blessing be upon you.

  4. Tom

    Hello Arch.
    We’ve known each other for nearly 15 years. It only occurred to me today that your other readers might not realize this, and so I should introduce myself to them.
    Archie and I met on a forum “apologetics.org” when I first discovered the internet. We did not take to each other at first, since we disagree about almost everything important. That forum no longer exists, neither do any of the others we have jousted on. But he is a good guy and we have stayed in sporadic contact ever since. I look forward to discussions with him here on wordpress, without the interruptions of some of our previous compadres.

    I sincerely hope that other readers will chime in when Arch and I get to discussing something with vigor.


  5. As Tom mentions, we do not agree about many things. However, usually Tom has a reason for his position and beliefs – a bit more than ‘I don’t LIKE that’ anyway. And, he stands up – honorably – for what he thinks.

  6. R M Datus

    R. G.,

    You are definitely an erudite dapper gentle soul who treats others with kindness and unselfishly shares both insights and wisdom. Thank you for migrating and raising the community’s mean I.Q.

  7. R M Datus


    You might be interested in:

    Click to access 2015CPG_Color.pdf

    semper fi

  8. Corey

    The latest three posts I read on here were fantastic and genuinely piqued my interest. I found your expansion upon Dr. Carson’s logic especially insightful and well stated. I’ll be looking forward to an expansion of my knowledge in the future, and truly do enjoy your writings.

  9. Stuart Naulty

    I believe I commented on one of your articles about rifle length but I cannot find it now. I stated that I thought the German K98 referred to Karabiner and not Kurz. Looks like we may both be correct. Forgotten Weapons posted a YouTube video on Rifle Length Terminology. He referred to the WWII German rifle as the K98k. I did a little research and found that means Karabiner 98 kurz. I learned something today. Love the articles I have read so far.

    • Words and phrases can be confusing.

      Consider the word ‘hope’, especially as used in the Bible. The original word in Greek is properly translated ‘hope’; but the meaning is closely related to ‘expect’. The Spanish word ‘esperar’ means “to hope”, “to expect”, “to wait for”. All at once, by the way, not specifically in context.

      Karabiner is the German word for ‘short’ rifle. Kurz being ‘short’. The distinction in describing a rifle is very subtle.

      I’ve never heard the use of “K98k” as the descriptor of that particular variation of rifle. Then again, WWII is not my primary field of study. I think it’s the sort of thing about which to not get exercised.

  10. Doc

    Enjoyed our conversation today at RR Towne. We both know that modern firearms are well, boring and have no history, no soul. Probably see You in Kearney next month.

    • As did I, sir.
      Always enjoyable – okay, usually enjoyable – to meet an acquaintance in their ‘own’ habitat. Makes them a bit more real.
      I am planning on attending – not vending – the Kearney show. Not sure if I will have any loose capital, but hope springs eternal. Besides, I enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones.

      I do hope you found something useful, corroborating or at least thought provoking herein. Feel free to disagree, but have some reason and reasoning.

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