I Really Appreciate CZ – USA

I am just a bit torn (mentally) in beginning this essay. On the one side, I wish to share with you all how great a company CZ USA is; their high standards of customer care and just how delighted I am. On the other hand, I do want to open the floodgates of ‘self-interest’, causing an avalanche of semi-truthful claims to their Warranty and Service section to get the benefits thereof.

I have a CZ 527 Carbine. I must confess they seem to add and remove ‘variations’ often. (Which is not a criticism, just a difficultly I have in keeping track.) The one I have was sold with a ‘rustic’ (their term, not mine) stock made of real wood, and in what to my eye looked green tinged; not of old fashioned spirit. But it was quite attractive and most functional. It broke.

The stock suffered a crack (I didn’t fiddle or examine to determine how serious) at the ‘point’ of the rear of the receiver where it fits into the inletting (cut out) in the stock. One notes this is common injury and it usually superficial. (Usually.)

Having read about CZ’s customer service and warranty work, I sent an inquiry to CZ-USA about it. They sent me a FedEx shipping label to send it back. This was late October of this year. (I wasn’t keeping track of all dates.) They sent a notice of receipt, and not terribly long after an email telling me the problem had been diagnosed; then fixed by fitting out a new stock (including the barrel bedded).

The ‘bad news’. All the ‘rustic’ stocks are gone. (That carbine model configuration has been discontinued.) The only stock available – and what they used – is Turkish Walnut. Holy Kiss a rabbit! Turkish Walnut! I prefer a Walnut stock to the ‘rustic’. Go figure.

Now, the good news. I have my rifle back. It is gorgeous. The magazine fits. I have not shot it yet – although December has days running in the 60’s and little wind. CZ-USA has given me no notice of a bill. None. I did pay the one way shipping by FEDEX. I expected to pay something for the work. Nothing. I rather expected them to glue the crack carefully, gently push it all back together and perhaps a discreet screw, pin or dowel. They gave me a new walnut stock and fitted it!

I have a CZ rifle in 6.5x55mm, the carbine in 7.62x39mm and a .257 Roberts from BRNO (the spiritual and possible physical father of CZ). They are all fitted wood to metal well, operate smoothly and just look good. Did I mention I really like CZ?

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