The Amazing Ignorance of Jessie Daniels

Whilst innocently perusing the news, I found an article


wherein Jessie Daniels, a sociology professor at City University of New York (CUNY) pointed out – suggested – declared – the “white, nuclear family” promotes white supremacy.

I read the rest of the article, presuming to find some innocent or reasonable logic behind what seems to be an outrageous claim.  Seeing I found this article on Fox News, I checked some of the other news sources.

CNN had no articles, pro or con, regarding Professor Daniels.

NPR had nothing.

USA Today had nothing.

Wall Street Journal – nothing.

BBC – nothing.

I did find a website, seemingly her own – which listed Jessie Daniels as “Jessie Daniels, PhD – Writer, professor, speaker, digital sociologist at Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY. Expert on race, racism and technology. Documentary-curator, aspiring NYT best-selling memoirist.  ​Co-founder, editor, blogger, Racism Review.”

I also found the CUNY page reported in the Fox News article.  It roughly reports the above identification and credentials.

So one presumes Fox News is reporting on the same person.

Without citing all the quotes in the article, Dr. Daniels – I presume – makes the statement, “the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy,” adding that that families “reproducing white children” are “part of the problem”.  She went on to say “White people: do you own your home? When you die, where’s wealth in that house going? If it’s to your children, you’re reproducing (inequality).”

I do not trust myself to follow the logic she presents; yet it is blatant:  By maintaining a cohesive family, owning a home and giving their children the benefit of a proper upbringing and an inheritance, “white people” are supporting white supremacy and racial inequality.  I must point out the actions to which Dr. Daniels reportedly objects are all traditional Christian – and other religions – values.  Which seems to suggest she objects to all included.

If that is so, she seems to suggest in order to dismantle white supremacy and foster ‘equality’ between the races (do races exist?  I read races don’t exist somewhere) the white families must stop being ‘nuclear families’, quit owning homes – or presumably anything of value – and stop leaving their wealth to their children.

That seems a bit draconian.

Not mentioned is anything to the effect of non-white people SHOULD encourage nuclear families, the owning of property and the tradition of encouraging and supporting the progeny of the family in an effort to counteract the ‘white supremacy’ movement.  How odd.

Several bits bother me a great deal about this, should the report be true.

  1. The assumption of ‘white supremacy’ as a result of intentionally maintaining a family, family ties and working.
  2. The assumption non-white people cannot do the same.
  3. Such a person as Dr. Daniels would be considered – by anyone other than herself – any sort of authority on anything to do with racial relations or differences.
  4. Any University, College or other organization of learning (down to and including pre-school) would  actually pay her money and keep her on staff as such.

Those with differing views, please present information to dispel my misconceptions.





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4 responses to “The Amazing Ignorance of Jessie Daniels

  1. Jay North

    I can’t believe she’s still at the school; shows what schools are about…

  2. Julie

    I just read an article by Jessie Daniels on Huffpo on White people who claim Native American ancestry. It Is in response to the Elizabeth Warren DNA
    Test. Daniels claims that people who claim native ancestry are CONTRIBUTING TO WHITE SUPREMACY. Does she have an obsession about this? Does she think EVERYTHING contributes to white supremacy? Apart from that, her article is full of confusion, mistakes, and factual errors. The “ ignorance of Jessie Daniels,” indeed! She should NOT be teaching.

    • Miss Julie, Ms Daniels (I’m being as polite as I can; if this is not the proper form of address, I apologize and will correct it if informed) seems to have an obsession on the subject.

      I am – more or less – of ‘white’ ancestry. (I really had a DNA test done and seem to be mostly of British Isle ancestry and ‘Northern European’, which tallies with my family legends.) While I have nothing against any ethnic or genetic group, I don’t think North American Aboriginal DNA would make me any more (or less) exalted as a ‘white guy’. I tend to be less impressed by ancestry and skin tone than by thought process.

      The only ‘groups’ upon whom I look down are those based on thought or lack of it and political assumption. I feel the soap box calling, so I’ll quit.

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