Ice Storm in Hastings – and Grand Central Plateau; Follow up

Actually it’s a little before 1800, but it’s close and too many details cloud titles.

The sky is overcast and it is raining lightly, on and off. However, there is liquid water on the ground – in the gutters. My car is out in the driveway and is visible through the windows. It is NOT iced up, yet. It is still cold outside. The weather website says it’s 29 degrees (F), which is one degree warmer than it was earlier.

Still not what I think of as ‘freezing rain’. Yet. I am still hiding inside. Fiddling on the computer and trying to do odd bits.

Monday, 16th January A. D. 2017 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
0800 – street out front looks wet. Ice, no doubt. Car in driveway has layer of ice, probably less than 0.125″. Suspect sidewalks are icy and slippery. No new snow showing. Expecting snow today sometime. Freezing rain until 1400, then ‘wintery mix’; presume freezing rain and snow. Snow predicted beginning 1800, ending 2100. High of 32 degrees today. No reason to go anywhere.

Still Monday, etc. 1100. Liquid water in street gutters. Car in driveway still iced on windows. Some automobiles and trucks pass by without seeming ‘inconvenienced’. Officially still 31 degrees. Still no reason to go anywhere.

Yet Monday, etc. 1900. Official temperature is 32 degrees. Weather report (forecast) indicates scattered snow showers possible at 2000. Staying home.

Tuesday, 17th January A. D. 2017 at 0800. It did snow – looks like light flurries – during the night. Out the front window is a fairly light, but definite layer of snow. Sidewalks and streets don’t look too bad, but I expect they are still icy from yesterday and last night. Car in driveway has light snow and windows still look icy. Forecast shows no precipitation for today and temperatures above freezing from noon to 1800. Presumably, some of the gunk will melt and run off. Still staying home.

Tuesday still. 1830. Had to go out. A friend called and needed to be transported from the hospital to home and no one else was available. I had to drive just over fifty miles and all the major roads were clear and dry. Some water – liquid at the sides of the road. One or two places had ‘snow mush’ that didn’t present any difficulties but will no doubt freeze tonight. Temperatures were in the middle to upper 30s, well above freezing, lots of sun and some breeze to remove the moisture.

The ice storm, she is gone. Until next time. And good night, Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are.


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