There is fear, and there is fear.

Fear from ‘’: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. In this condition, fear is a stimulus for ‘fright or flight’; action or activity to prevent or avoid the potential danger. Running away, shooting back, ducking, changing lanes or sometime simply holding still and concentrating on not tensing muscles during a medical injection.

Fear is the perception of danger or pain. Hopefully this is followed by some action to mitigate or remove the stimulus.

Then, from the Old Man book of experience and observation, fear is a condition gripping both the centers of thought and action (colloquially, ‘heart and brain’) resulting in a lack of action or reaction other than staying in place, voiding one’s bladder and perhaps major intestine; lastly, not avoiding the danger. Some refer to this as the “deer (or rabbit) in the headlights” syndrome.

For instance, those individuals who claim to be adherents of Islam and simultaneously feel the need to murder others to bring Islam to supremacy are known commonly as ‘terrorists’. Most members of U. S. based police agencies understand a finite but definite danger exists from those so described formerly. That is, “terrorists will kill U. S. police officers when convenient for the terrorists”.

Any questions? Good.

Good Fear
Taking steps to avoid being killed (as outlined above) is reasonable. Officers are encouraged to be vigilant, both on and off duty; to keep the mechanical means of self-defense available in all senses of the word; to exercise and keep in good physical shape; to plan ahead as far as possible. Even, in extremis to prepare documents and personal property for one’s eventual demise. (Even without terrorists, one can be T-boned by otherwise ‘innocent’ traffic or contract cancer and so forth.) (Note the attacker’s statements and reasons for attacking officer Harnett.)

Those are all activities and actions I deem proper and reasonable.

Objections? Good.

Recently, one of Philladelphia’s finest – Officer Jesse Harnett – was attacked and wounded (shot) by a man (who shall remain nameless as befits his character in this essay) using a Glock 19 pistol. Said pistol was obtained by the attacker in some fashion AFTER the pistol was stolen from the Philladelphia Police Department. (See for a full report rather than me cutting and pasting it all.)

Bad Fear

The city mayor – Jim Kenney – has stated in a press conference about the attempted murder “It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.” (At this point, please recall the attacker’s statement.) Not only that, but Mayor Kenney once again – on cue – blames the presence of ‘guns’ for criminal activity.

Since the arm was stolen from the Philadelphia Police (from an individual officer is what is reported); and because Mayor Kenney implies the weapon caused the attacker to attempt the murder of Officer Harnett, one is forced to inquire if the same weapon caused the last officer who possessed the weapon to attempt any murders? Frankly, I don’t think so.

This is an example of the second concept of (bad) fear. Panic. In order to follow the President’s example (demand) of allowing no ill-favored news or reports about Islam, Mayor Kenney is ignoring the comments of the attacker and pretending this was just another criminal doing what criminals do. Blaming guns for criminal acts. Missing from Mayor Kenney’s comments, of course, are warnings of Global Warming and demand for tax-payer funded Abortion. No doubt he’ll be chided for those omissions.

As it happens, based on the news photographs of the attacker, is a black man. Therefore, a black criminal attempted to kill officer Harnett, not a Muslim. I’m wondering how Al Sharpton is going to respond? Also, I’m breathless to see Mayor Kenney’s response to Sharpton.

If Sharpton does not interfere, one wonders why the silence.


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