Another Television Show I Should Not Watch

The regular season of television is over. All my favorite and accustomed shows are reruns or not showing at all. It is Monday the 25th of May, Memorial Day. I am watching ‘Scorpion’.

The premise of the show is a group of four geneii who solve problems. In this episode a political and attempted murder problem.

Why should I not watch it? It is full of very accurate depictions of bureaucratic middle managers. Nitwits promoted for their ability to kiss up to elected nitwits. Incompetents promoted only due to their genetic accident of birth – to include gender. Incompetent people – I use the term ‘people’ loosely – who simply out waited other incompetents to be promoted simply because they didn’t do anything wrong. They usually didn’t do anything at all.

THEY REMIND ME OF WORK! My blood pressure is probably twenty points higher than it should be. I’m feeling homicidal.

Please Lord, don’t let me slip and become a serial killer now.


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One response to “Another Television Show I Should Not Watch

  1. R M Datus

    This reader dutifully recommends DILBERT, and for those of Old Man Montgomery’s vintage, PLUGGERS.

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