Difficult to believe.

I sit here listening to the NPR radio station – it has classical music; now the news is on.

Then a ‘news program’ comes on. The Leftist News Reader is interviewing two Leftist ‘experts’ about the problem of ISIS – DASH in Arabic – and the subject is introduced about how to best blame President Bush for the current mess.

President Obama (PBUH) claims ‘we’ are winning against DASH. Despite the fact DASH has gained territory about half the size of Syria, our President claims our (his) strategy is solid. Most observers – like you and I – have reason to doubt this.

The question of the current DASH and other Islamic Terrorists arise. Is President Bush responsible, since he ‘started’ the war? Or is President Obama (PBUH) responsible for pulling all our troops out and essentially allowing Islamic Terrorists to run wild for the past six years?

The Leftist talking heads all agree, we would not have this problem at all if President Bush hadn’t interfered with Islamic Terrorism campaigns all those years ago. President Obama (PBUH) is completely innocent of any responsibility for allowing Islamic Terrorists free reign in the area – and world, for that matter.

They say this with a straight face. I cannot believe it.

One of the Leftists claim then President Bush announced his then strategies were winning in Iraq. That was when we had beat Saddam’s army and located Saddam himself hiding in a hastily dug hole. That was when the United States was actually fighting a war against Islamic Terror instead of making excuses for Islamic Terror.

The Leftists on the program all agree the past statements of President Bush and the current nonsense of President Obama (PBUH) are equivalent.

How can anyone believe that sort of claim? How does anyone with a functioning brain spout drivel like that with a straight face?

Then the question of “What is the likelihood of ‘another’ Iraq war?”

The Leftist talking heads all speak in terms of ‘support’, and ignore the danger of allowing DASH and other Islamic Terrorists to do as they please as the basis for military action. Since the Progressive elements in the U. S. don’t want to commit troops to counter the obvious military threat to world peace and freedom, there isn’t any point in proposing U. S. military counter action.

The idea of Islamic Terrorists renewing their attacks on the U. S. totally slip their attention. The connection between Islamic Terrorists in the mid East and attacks on the United States simply holds no consequence to this band of nit-wits.




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2 responses to “Difficult to believe.

  1. Dave White

    Hi, Arch;

    “How does anyone with a functioning brain spout drivel like that with a straight face?”

    As old Gen. Burkhalter said: “You have asked your question and answered it.”

    The glasses clad speaker for the State Dept. gave up the game a while back. She said, “We’re not going to get out of this by military force alone.”

    The key here is …”get out of this.” Obama and his lefties want thier agenda enacted. The Middle East isn’t part of the agenda, so they only want out of it.

    Getting out will lead to a nuclear Middle East, likely a nuclear war, and we will be bystanders as the world’s main oil supply goes up in mushrooms.

    And then? China and Japan duke it out for the remaining oil? China, India and Pakistan hold a three way atomic hootnenanny where 200 million dead would be just about right for population reduction?

    At least it will reduce the terrorist threat. They’ll trip Gieger counters wherever they go.


    • When any or all of that happens, there will be more leftist talking heads drivelling on about how that is all George Bush’s fault as well. And Rush Limbaugh’s fault. No doubt they’ll have ways to explain why Ronald Reagan and Herbert Hoover are to blame as well.

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