Europe Has an Illegal Immigrant Problem!

For those who don’t follow the world news, Europe is currently – been going on for awhile and likely to continue into the foreseeable future – experiencing a surge of migrants from Africa and the Middle East. These migrants – I use the term in the classic and generic sense – do not follow the accepted practice of seeking admission as permanent residents or even temporary residents; they just come.

The typical means of ingress to Europe is by ‘ship’ and I use the term rather loosely, from ports in North Africa. The ‘ships’ are reported to be largely antiquated vessels which are no longer considered sea-worthy enough to serve as fishing or small cargo vessels. Little attention is paid to cargo load limits – meaning the smugglers crowd as many paying customers on board as possible. Sanitation, safety and meals are largely ignored from what I hear on the radio. Passage costs tend to be as much as the market will bear. NPR reports fares are commonly between ten and twenty THOUSAND dollars (in U. S. measurement).

Why do these people, these migrants, come from where they live and were born to seek entry into Europe? Again from the reports, poverty and oppression in combination seems to be the primary motivation. The countries from where the migrants flee are largely Muslim held, and offer little in the way of economic opportunity. There are some countries not Muslim controlled, but they seem to be dictatorial and authoritarian in nature as well. There seems to be a minority Christian element in the migration, fleeing persecution from Muslim governments.

European countries (Italy seems to be the initial landing site for most migrants) being largely decent folks, tend to make serious efforts to house and feed these economic, political and religious refugees. After all, who wants to see people – even foreigners – starving to death?

However, this has been going on for awhile. It seems to have increased following the poorly named “Muslim Spring” where radical Muslim elements overthrew several comparatively reasonable governments. Libya, Egypt and Tunisia come to mind. The efforts of “DASH” (ISIS in English) in Iraq and the Syrian Civil War generate a number of refugee/immigrants as well.

Consequently, the costs to European nations to feed and house (attempt to process for immigration?) is increasing. All the costs of this sort of operation falls on the taxpayers of the ‘recipient’ nations. Also one must understand when the ‘recipient’ nation ‘processes’ an individual (person or family), someone in that family enters the workforce. In itself, that’s good news, but it puts pressure on the nation’s job market, lowering labor costs.

Does any of this sound familiar? People streaming across borders, seeking economic and political freedom? The result of living in corrupt and incompetent government controlled countries?

Let me ask a question or two at this point. Why do ‘those countries’ have such a problem in maintaining a decent economy and not abusing the residents? Most importantly, what can be done to ‘fix’ the problems generating illegal migrants?

Who reasonably believes Europe as an area – or severally, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria and so on – can continue to accept an open-ended migration and pay for housing and feeding them for an infinite period?

Natural laws being what they are, they are hard to ignore for any length of time. The laws of Economics fall into this category; one such law is that no more money can be used by an entity than comes into the control of such entity. In simple terms, ‘outgo’ cannot exceed ‘income’ for a sustained period of time.

The United States is experiencing this now and Europe is getting very familiar with the concept.

I submit that building walls or sea walls to repel boarders is not the real solution. Something has to change to stem the creation of refugees. Probably uncomfortable, messy and politically incorrect.


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