Two Items From the News Caught My Eye…

In the website version of Fox News for Wednesday, 01 April 2015, there were two articles that caught my eye and I decided to comment on them. They are both ‘curious’.

One is the report about Senator Robert (Bob) Menendez (Democrat Collective drone – New Jersey [the state, not the battleship]) indicted on corruption charges. This itself is nothing amazing, corruption being a way of life for the liberal left. What I found ‘suggestive’ (as Sherlock Holmes would say) is the included bit of trivia Senator opposed President Obama’s foreign policies on both Cuba and Iran. In essence, he doesn’t want Iran to have nuclear capabilities or the materials to build nuclear devices. This is a direct affront to the President.

So I’m wondering how this Senator the only crooked leftist to be indicted? Is it possible the other crooked leftists all support the President?

Curious item the second. It is titled, Obama administration’s new spending website rolls back transparency.

I’m curious about when there was any ‘transparency’ in this administration.


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