The People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of California is Running Out of Water!

It is mentioned in the news. Look it up.

The residents – those with functioning minds at least – have my sympathy. However, the citizens of PDSR California have (by majority vote) done it to themselves.

I recall shortly after I started with Customs (this would have been in the late 1980s or early 1990s), I heard then Lord Mayor Tom Bradley (the best mayor money could buy) talking about Los Angeles having a water crisis. My reaction was that of rage and frustration.

A bit of background. Los Angeles is located upon what is essentially a desert. As early as the 1920s, Los Angeles had to import water (recall the Owens Valley water swindle). However, that never stopped the ‘progressive’ mayors and city counsels of Los Angeles from advertising for ‘immigrants’ – people from other parts of the United States – to move to Los Angeles city and County. This was to work in existing industries, buy houses and pay taxes to finance an ever growing geo-political area. It was a desert. It is still a desert. It will for the foreseeable future remain a desert. This was true when Los Angeles perpetrated the swindle to obtain Owens Valley water; it was true when Tom Bradley was Lord Mayor of Los Angeles; it is still true currently.

If anyone has any questions, re-read the previous paragraph. Read it until the underlying reality soaks in.

So now, PDSR Cal is facing a water shortage, or destitution, and Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is without a contingency plan. Other than possibly beg or badger the federal government to steal water from some other state. (I recall in the late 1960s PDSR Cal wanted to ‘obtain’ water from the Columbia River separating Oregon from Washington state to use.) Just for the record, the Colorado River no longer empties into the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. It is ALL diverted into PDSR Cal territory for agriculture and human use.

I read PDSR Cal has no alternate ideas of what to do when the water – which is rapidly running out – runs out. According to the articles, they have a couple years left, IF everyone restricts themselves. If this is based on PDSR Cal governmental estimates, the citizens are already sunk.

The same pack of nitwits, liberals and Marxists – but I repeat myself – who have controlled the legislature for decades and the Governor’s Mansion (used or not) for much of the same time period don’t have a clue. They have been busy empowering the Marxist Utopia of regulating industry out of the state, bullying taxpayers, fostering welfare recipients, coddling left-wing unions and discouraging morality.

To be fair, they’ve had help. I cannot find a reference, but in the decade of 2001 – 2010 the Federal Government (under the leadership of our Beloved President, may he live ten thousand years) stepped in and decreed water from the Sacramento Delta (primarily Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers) was too important to waste on agriculture and drinking. So such use was curtailed. This resulted in the failure of numerous farming activities in the Central Valley of PDSR California. But it was for a progressive cause, so it was the right thing to do. The Marxist dream is much more important than feeding mere humans.

Water? It’s magic: It just appears all by itself.

For all those who can, sell your house to someone you don’t like and move out of the distressed state. Take a loss if you have to. Go NOW!

What about the wonderful climate? It will probably still be there in another fifteen to twenty years, after the lack of water has killed off all the helpless welfare culture. It will probably still be there after the tax base either leaves, dies or is taxed out of existence. Once the welfare voters – those who vote for handouts – and the liberal politicians who derive votes from them are gone, the area might be a decent place to live again.

Once the excess parasite population has died off, the water problem will not be nearly as bad. It will be ugly, but the majority voters who have no thought other than government benefits (free money in the common tongue) have done to themselves. Sadly, they’ve done it to everyone else as well.



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4 responses to “The People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of California is Running Out of Water!

  1. Thomas Chumley

    On the 6th my son and I drove from Long Beach to Sacramento via I5, returning via I99 on the 8th. Most people don’t realize that Agribusiness is the State’s number one money maker and feeds millions of people outside California. This fertile valley is starving for water – we noticed numerous orchards that have died from lack of water and the cotton crop is entirely gone from the San Joaquin valley. A terrible shame. Many of the farmers there are one-crop businessmen & this is just killing them. Also I believe the are allocating NO water to the farmers. We have seen this before, a government body steps in and kills off the little guys by appropriating their resources to give to someone else. The Owens Valley (Bishop, etc.) was once known as “the Switzerland of California” because of the greenery, forested land and agriculture. Then LA City Dept of Lights and Power bought rights to water and essentially drained it all off. Now this area is just high desert. That’s likely why we put the Manzinar Relocation Camp there. Another shame from the same government. Sometimes I think I ought to become a Libertarian; even with their permissive attitude they hate government control.

    Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 19:19:44 +0000 To:

  2. Arch, ever since the early 80’s Cali has been determined to become a giant Detroit.
    Perhaps they now simply want to become Iraq.

    • What you say is true. Your summation is spot on, albeit hideous. As is the current state of affairs in Detroit and PDSR California.

      It could be such a marvelous place to live if it were run by producing adults.

  3. The situation is blatantly obvious. Thanks for the corroboration. I still believe the state will continue to decay UNTIL bankruptcy and the physical deterioration of the facilities of the state force the end of the Marxist Utopian dream.

    A lot of people will be hurt. That is sad, but the damage has been done by the parasite voters and the handout politicians – progressives – controlling the state government. But that is the reality.

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