Ladies and Gentlemen, Obamanomics!

As if there were any doubt, the current President wants to tax everyone in the country with any sort of income. With the familiar coded message of ‘tax the rich’, the President now seeks to increase income taxes on every person in these United States with any sort of financial gain at all. Make no mistake, the catch phrase ‘tax the rich’ is understood as ‘anyone not on government support’.

If anyone has any ‘income’ from working, or from a pension or earned Social Security, or investments, or capital gains – any possible excuse – they will see a tax increase. Where will the money go? To pay for the progressive left’s dream of paying off those who voted for the leftist agenda of crippling the economy of the United States. All those who depend on the Democrat Collective to feed and house them.

The agenda of the progressive left is clearly and without doubt that of ‘class warfare’; depending on the idle, indolent and gullible to riot, demand and vote – perhaps often – for socialism.

If there were any doubt, I reject Obamanomics and the socialist dream.

Please understand, the taxation of ‘the rich’ – a nebulous phrase indeed – will undertake to destroy the ability of private industry to generate jobs. Not the ‘minimum wage’ jobs so beloved of the progressive left, but real jobs that pay actual living wages, thereby impoverishing all those who seek to earn a living.

Presumably, the Republican controlled Congress will not allow these tax increases to occur. One hopes. However, no person should be in doubt as to the real goal and agenda of the progressive left. More taxes, less actual jobs, a weakened national defense and a total dependency on the Federal Government for shelter, food, clothing and anything to make life more palatable.

The left derided President Reagan’s vision for a strong United States. A United States that had a strong industrial and business basis that employed a majority of working people and ensured a strong national defense. The progressive left called his plan ‘Reaganomics’ and ‘trickle-down’ prosperity.

The progressive left promotes Obamanomics and trickle up destitution.

Take your pick.


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