Alfred C. Sharpton Damages Race Relations – Again!

The infamous race-baiter and money grubber Al Sharpton has sunk himself to a new low in the field of race-baiting and money-grubbing. He has called an ’emergency meeting’ of his ‘diversity task force’ after announcement of the Academy Awards nominations. No blacks were nominated.

Sharpton ignored the black unemployment rate (roughly twice that of other ethnicities) or the ‘black on black’ murder rate (clearly highest categorical rate of the ‘ethnic’ murder rates) and instead focused on the Academy Awards – as there were no black actors nominated. The first time since 1994, as it happens. Of course, if Sharpton did focus on unemployment and murder, who would he squeeze for money? The Academy can be pressured for funds – black criminals cannot. Unemployment? Sharpton criticizing the President? (Not THIS President.)

Dear readers, this is simply nonsense. How many care if acting awards are giving out in a politically correct ‘diverse’ manner? How many really care about the Academy Awards at all?

But as long as Sharpton thinks he can force someone to pay him, no subject is too silly for him to attack.


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