Will He or Won’t He?

That is the question: Will the President of the United States actually follow through on his so-far empty blathering on ‘compromise’ with the Republican Congress or will the President simply throw yet another temper tantrum?

For the first two years of his office, the current President had a complete majority in the Congress, both houses. From the day of his election for two years, this President had total control of the U. S. Congress. All he could force down the throat of the United States was Obamacare, wildly deficit spending and no budget.

Now things have changed. He lost the House of Representatives a couple years ago and now both houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans.

When the Democrat Continuum controlled the Congress and the Presidency, the attitude they demonstrated to Republican was “[Verb] you!” The Democrat Continuum intentionally ignored Republicans and simply did as they pleased. Shrieker of the House Nancy Pelosi told the Republican minority they could see new bills, but they were in no way going to ‘mark up’ any legislation. (The term ‘mark up’ is legislator jargon for proposing amendments or in any way suggesting changes.)

Now the Democrat Continuum death grip is no longer in place, the President says he wants to ‘work with’ Republicans and find ways to ‘compromise’. As usual, the President uses the term ‘compromise’ in the sense of ‘everyone bows to the President and votes as directed by him’.

That doesn’t seem to be in the future. The President may actually have to compromise in the usual sense of the word. However, that doesn’t seem to be within the grasp of the current president.

Which leaves his other presidential action, a temper tantrum. With the mainstream media coddling him and pretending a temper tantrum is other than it is.


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One response to “Will He or Won’t He?

  1. It is official! The President is throwing a temper tantrum! He is going to get his way or else!

    What a shock.

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