What More Needs be Said? Or Asked?

For those living in a cave, or living in the dream-world of the Democrat Collective; this last week witnessed another cowardly Islamist attack and mass-murder.

A nameless – and meriting no name – group, encouraged by the Yemeni branch of Al-Qeda attacked a publishing house in Paris and murdered four of the workers there. The reason Islam attacked the publishing house is the satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo. Satire, of course is why God allowed Islam to develop. The abysmal nature of Islam is perfectly made for satirical comment.

Incidently, satire – such as Charlie Hebdo tend to target everyone and everything in view. The Roman Catholic Church has either protested or filed lawsuits about some comments and cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo. I’m sure the French government has borne the scorn of Charlie Hebdo as well. Without doubt, other Christian groups or Judaism has also been the target of the satire.

However, to date, there are no known attacks either planned or perpetrated by B’nai B’rith, the French Secret Service (or equivalent), the Swiss Guard of the Roman Catholic Church, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptists, or the Committee for the Disapproval of Just About Everything.

Just Islamics. Just for good measure, the Islamics involved with the mass murder at Charlie Hebdo also are implicated in the murder of one or two French police officers – who committed the outrage of being French Police officers – shot up a Jewish Kosher restaurant and took some hostages and then took over a printing shop.

So much for the news. Now the official response from the U. S. Left: Eric Bates, Editor-in-Chief of “First Look Media” says the Islamic attack in Paris is the same as the late Jerry Falwell suing Hustler Magazine (and Larry Flint) for defamation of character.

How stupid can one be? Mass murder is the same as a lawsuit? Mass murder is the same as lawsuit without merit, even? This is purely and simply another idiotic attempt of the left wing of U. S. politics – you know, the ones who hate the United States and champion anything destructive to the U. S. – to show the ‘equality’ of disparate acts. It is also an attempt to discredit the reality of the Islamic threat to the free world.

The Beloved President continues on his pretense about how the Islamic murderers really are not representative of Islam. One might realistically ask: What then is ‘representative’ of Islam?

I’ve noted there are a couple of Islamic groups that have condemned the attacks. One such group is Hamas. Of course, Hamas is still recovering from a terror campaign against Israel last summer. They spent all their international support money on bombs and fortifications; got their Islamic butt whipped badly and are now attempting to get more international support money. So they have to look ‘reasonable’.

There are also accounts of various Islamic groups and Imams who denounce the Paris attacks and then in the same breath issue dire warnings of ‘retaliation’ against Muslims. Retaliation due to the Muslims who committed mass-murder in Paris, of course.

Perhaps if the Islamic leaders issued fatwas against gratuitous attacks by Muslims against free people BEFORE the attacks, the sentiment might have a bit more believability.

But here is the bottom line. If Muslims continue to murder those who don’t agree with them, or those who refuse to kowtow to Islam, or just anyone they don’t like – there will be a backlash.

Like the old joke says, “… we ain’t played Cowboys and Muslims yet!”


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