As if this mess weren’t enough already…

Does the attack in Paris by Islamic – YES! – Islamic terrorists and immediate claim for responsibility indicate a public relations contest between Al Quaeda and ISIS? Are those two pathetic, murdering packs of degenerates striving for ‘supremacy’ in the field of murder, mayhem and incoherent hate?

Sort of reminds one of high school rivalries, doesn’t it?

No. Me neither.

And has the President addressed this? Not that I’ve heard. Which frankly, surprises me not one whit.

One other thing: If the west thought like Muslims, within one hour of Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claiming credit for the Paris attack, the west would have bombed much of Yemen (the known headquarters of AQAP) into oblivion. But we won’t intentionally kill non-combatants. Unlike the cowards and slinking slime who comprise the Islamic terror brigades.


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