Rioting in Ferguson, Missouri

Last August, a young, black man named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a local police officer; one Darren Wilson.

Mr. Brown – according to video surveillance in a local store – was involved in a ‘strong arm’ robbery of that store. Mr. Brown and an associate stole a box of cigars worth just less than $50.00 from a local convenience store. Mr. Brown and the associate used physical force to intimidate the clerk in the store to effect the robbery.

Michael Brown was 6’4” tall and weighed just less than 300 pounds. In the common tongue, Mr. Brown was physically large and intimidating.

Officer Wilson encountered Brown and the associate shortly after. Brown attacked Officer Wilson, convincing Officer Wilson that Brown was going to either kill him or cause ‘great bodily harm’ to him. Officer Wilson shot and killed Brown, ending the incident.

Here is the crux of the current rioting: The local community want revenge. And the time-honored excuse to loot all the stores in the area.

The family of the late Mr. Brown said in an interview with a television reporter in the last two weeks said, “We want justice. But if that doesn’t happen, we will continue to protest.” In real terms, this statement equates ‘justice’ with a Grand Jury indictment. In other words, what the family wants is revenge on Officer Wilson. The family doesn’t care about Mr. Brown’s illegal actions. The family doesn’t care about the legality of the events. The family hereby announces the life of their Michael is far more important than any other principle and all other people.

The family of Michael Brown really does not care about what happened other than Michael Brown’s death resulting from his own choices and actions. Brown acted with disregard for other people in his community, the law (regarding robbery, theft and physical attacks on others) and Officer Wilson. None of this means anything to the current rioters. All they seek is revenge on the Officer who stopped Michael Brown’s illegal activity.

No one seems to remember the autopsy performed on Michael Brown. The gunshot wounds substantiate the testimony of Officer Wilson. For instance, Michael Brown did NOT have his hands ‘up’ when he was shot. Michael Brown was not shot in the back. But none of this has any effect on the family or ‘community’.

Why? Probably the chief reason is IF Michael Brown was acting illegally and was killed as a result of his felonious attack on Officer Wilson, THEN the actions of Michael Brown demonstrate his guilt AND the corporate guilt of the family and local community. This incident shows Michael Brown’s family never taught him – in a meaningful way – that stealing is wrong. Michael Brown’s family never taught him – in a meaningful way – that attacking other people (store clerks and police officers in this case) is wrong.

But the people of the local community want to claim Michael Brown – strong arm robbery and bully – was completely proper in what he did. Because that is the life style encouraged in the locale. If Michael Brown was wrong in his actions, then the life style exemplified by Mr. Brown AND endorsed by the local community, is wrong.

The really hideous aspect of this is the current Presidential Administration seem to agree with the felonious and immoral life style of Michael Brown. The Federal Department of Justice – a misnomer in this episode – is ‘investigating’ civil rights charges against Officer Wilson and the Ferguson Police Department. There seems to be an assumption ‘civil rights’ include strong arm robbery and physical assault on others.

No doubt I will be accused of being a racist. In doing so, those who so claim are ignoring the racism already demonstrated by those who use the death of Michael Brown as an excuse to loot stores and demand the blood of a white police officer. In doing so, those who so claim ignore the blatant racism demonstrated by the current Federal Department of Justice.


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  1. Thomas Chumley

    Well said! Accurate, to the point and perfectly just. But then, it is also precisely my view, and put better than my poor language skills could express. I note the present administration sent personal representatives to Mr. Brown’s funeral. I also note that there has been no such representation at the funerals of any of the law enforcement officers that have died during the same time (to the best of my knowledge).

    Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 12:49:46 +0000 To:

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