Perception of the Media

Last week, the national election resulted in a Republican landslide.  The electorate voted to reject the dismal failure of the Democrat – President Obama – dream.

In response, the President Who Would be Divine has announced he will ‘work’ with the Republican controlled Congress as long as the Congress does exactly what the PWWbD wants.  Otherwise, the President will attempt to rule by edict through ‘executive actions’.

So what is the lead on the National Leftist Radio News?  How so many mine owners haven’t paid fines.  Nothing about how the PWWbD is having a slow boil temper tantrum about losing.

What is the second story on the National Leftist Radio News?  How the Republican Congress is antagonizing the PWWbD.

I remember when the last election – the one with the fraudulent voting machines, remember? – elected a pile of Democrat.  The National Leftist Radio News couldn’t stop talking about how the nation wanted Democrat programs, Democrat thinking and so forth.

Odd how that works.


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