The President Who Would be Divine

This does not surprise me.

In short, President Obama has called for ‘more regulation’ of the internet.  Not to protect children from harm, the usual excuse, but to prevent companies from making deals with other companies.  No doubt this will pave the way for the President to rule the internet by executive order, or as the Democrat likes to think of it, ‘Divine Right’.

It just goes on and on, doesn’t it?  Let’s see how the ‘media’ respond to this demand.  So far, the news ‘media’ have acted as the mouthpiece for the Obama administration and Democrat in general.  This one is going to put He Who Would be Divine directly in charge of the new media.  Will the media object?  How will they justify giving up their Constitutional First Amendment rights?  (They’ve already pretty much surrendered those rights already.)

What I find amazing about this is this seems to be part of the President’s response to the nation voting his puppets out of office and control of Congress.  He’s so offended by the voting electorate rejecting his incompetence, he is now abandoning all pretense of being President and is assuming the role of a monarch.

Like I said, This does not surprise me.


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One response to “The President Who Would be Divine

  1. From invisible mikey:

    This issue did not originate with Obama, and supporters of the concept have been lobbying him for active support for years.

    From the Old Man:

    The supporters of increased government control over the internet have been around for awhile, you are correct. The President Who Would be Divine is fairly recent in U. S. politics, but he is in the same mold as all the other control freaks – anti-freedom, anti-United States, anti-thought proponents – who have formed him.

    Your thoughts remind me of some of the comments made in the novel “1984”, by the late George Orwell: “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength”. I can see why you are invisible Mikey. You are such a follower and member of the mindless crowd you no longer have an individual identity. So sad.

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