Why Do Supplicants and Beggars NOT Allow a Response?

I am a registered Republican.  I am politically, financially and socially rather conservative.  Obviously, I cannot be considered a Democrat in any fashion; I am non-socialist and I care about the future of the nation.  Most of all, I’m a Christian – which is anathema for the Democrat collective.

However, I must confess the Republican Party drives me crazy at times.  Dennis Prager, the intellectual radio commentator, says about political affiliation, “There are two parties in the United States.  One is dangerous and the other is stupid.  I’m with the stupid party.”  (I prefer the description of ‘hazardous’ for the Democrat collective.)  The Republican Party is rather stupid at times.

For instance, when the Republicans want money from me – supplicants and beggars – but they do NOT allow me to voice my concerns.  They send me all sorts of begging messages expressing concern over why I haven’t sent any money, but they never bother asking why I haven’t sent anything.  Perhaps they get ‘enough’ from others and the Republican High Command believe they don’t really have to respond to ‘regular’ voters.

Mitch McConnell is backing off the push to repeal Obamacare.  He’s got a ‘plan’ to do something, but it remains to be seen just what.  It is simply more mealy-mouthing and lack of determination.  McConnell’s position is that of a man who fears public opinion.  Except for mine, of course.  He seems to have no regard for my position and opinions.

Here’s the bottom line for the Republican Party:  Pay attention to what I value, and I’ll send money.  It is that simple.

Just for the record, I do send money regularly to the Tea Party – who haven’t decided being liked is more important than the future of the nation.  I do send political money to the National Rifle Association and other like minded firearm organizations.  These groups in fact stand against the socialists and over-spenders and central authority proponents.  The enemies of the republic the Republican Party should target.  But don’t seem to notice.


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