I Have a New Operating System! It is Hideous.

In recent developments, your humble scribe determined his computer was sorely lacking.  The computer was running Microsoft Windows XP, no longer smiled upon or supported by Microsoft.  So I had Microsoft Windows 7 installed to run my somewhat aging Compaq computer.

I will go into greater detail later – if I can force myself to relive the horrors of the alteration – but suffice to say now, Microsoft has set a new low standard in what in the rest of the world is considered ‘customer service’.  I have a suspicion the customer service staff at Microsoft – all three of them – get bonuses for thinking up new ways to ignore purchasers of Microsoft products.  I see visions of a Scottish sounding fruit in my future…


Also, at the Hastings Gun Show of late – I’m a member of the club that puts on the show, so I was there – I found and purchased two – count ’em, two – new (to me but of course old) pistols in .32 ACP or 7.65 mm Browning if one follows the European bent.  One is a fairly modern made FEG (Hungarian manufacture) AP (Attila Pistol) 7.65.  It is a more or less copy of a Walther PP (the ‘big’ one) with just enough changes to pretend it is a separate design.  The second pistol, far more historical, is a Beistegiu Hermanos (Brothers) version of the ‘Ruby’ class.

Full report on both following an actual shooting excursion with the artifacts in question.  Stay tuned, gentle readers.


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