The Different Between the Doctor (Who?) and God

I watched the season premiere of Dr. Who? and the debut of Peter Capaldi as the ‘new’ Doctor.  I really like Matt Smith as the Doctor.  Even a little better than Jon Pertwee, who was my favorite Doctor, but was moved to second with Matt Smith.  I think I will like the 12th Doctor (actually the 13th including the War Doctor); but the first episode is always a bit chaotic in terms of character development.

However, this began me thinking – always a dangerous business.  The Doctor – as all fans know – is a Gallifreyan.  He is extremely long-lived – he ‘regenerates’ periodically and very smart.  As such, the Doctor is a rather god-like character.  Sort of like Q from ‘Star Trek:  The Next Generation”.

However, I have noted some differences and distinctions between God and the Doctor.  I thought I’d share them.

God is Eternal, the Doctor is not.  The Doctor has been around for a very long time.  He is old, the result of many years lived.  He is probably older than most living things on Earth, trees included.  However, the Doctor is NOT immortal.  He mentioned his birth, his parents, his upbringing and so forth.  He expects to end his existence.  Indeed his last ‘regeneration’ was to be his last – until the script writer saved him with a plot twist.  But he makes no pretensions to immortality in the absolute sense.

God makes no mistakes.  God commits no errors; everything He does is correct and in agreement with His Divine plan.  Some folks claim God does make mistakes, but upon further investigation, they mean God does things the detractor doesn’t like.  The Doctor on the other hand admits making errors.  He usually learns from them, but still they are made from time to time.  In fact the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) admits to making ‘many’ mistakes and feels he must do something about it.  The Doctor can nearly always extricate himself from problems – sometimes ending in tragedy – but only after several mistakes or blunders en route.

God does not require a TARDIS.  For new or non-fans, the TARDIS is a device called ‘Time and Relative Dimensions in Space’.  It is his home and vehicle, all in one.  Due to a malfunctioning ‘chameleon circuit’ the device is always shown as a 1950s era British Police call box.  This device allows the Doctor to travel anywhere in time or space.  It is a neat bit of technology.  I would love to have such a device, preferably with instruction manual and a full time technician.  However, God does not need a blue box to get around.

The Doctor Who? series has been on television for over fifty years now.  There have been a number of script writers.  According to one wiki entry, there are eighty-nine different credited writers (some of whom are pseudonyms).  God writes all His own scripts.

Similar to the above, God does all His own stunts.

The Doctor is an Anglophile.  All the people who portray him are from the British Isles.  God is not quite so exclusive these days.  At one time, God favored the Hebrews, but He seems to have broadened His franchise since the time of Jesus.

There are other differences.  But this is offered as a somewhat light hearted view of the matter.



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