Religious War?

Just after the 11th September (or 9-11) attacks on the United States – the concerted attacks on the World Trade Center and the U. S. Pentagon – a friend of mine at work made what I thought was a rather silly remark.  Not wishing to embarrass the person in question, I shall not identify them.  (If you are reading this, just don’t tell anyone and your secret is safe.)  The person said, “I hope this doesn’t turn into a religious war.”

My reply was something on the order of “It IS a religious war from their (the Muslim terrorists) perspective already.  There’s nothing ‘we’ can do about it.”  It is still true today, by the way.  The latest Islamic murderous, barbaric herd is known as ‘ISIS’, the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ as I recall.  They are currently in the mode of blissfully slaughtering every Christian, Jew, or Muslim they can find.  Wholesale murder on a level that makes the ghosts of Attila the Hun and Joseph Stalin happy.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind about the ‘religious’ nature of this merry band of murderous thugs?  They are Islamic, and they ‘champion’ the position of Muslim superiority AND the order to kill all infidels.  That sounds passing ‘religious’ to me.  And do not fail to note they have staked out a position where they will attack the United States.

So what does that have to do with the initial memory I was sharing?  Just this:  Our Administration has the same superficial and non-thinking view of the current attacks, murders and terrorism.  Our Administration cannot see this is a religious war.  They think it’s a simple matter of ‘crime’.  The video-taped execution of James Foley is being ‘investigated’ as a murder.  I suppose the FBI will make the arrest?  In Iraq?  Do we have jurisdiction there?


This whole pretense is simply an extension of the President’s idiotic claim that the United States is ‘done’ with combat operations in the Middle East, especially Iraq.  The “Peace (at any cost) President” has reduced the size of our Armed Forces, cancelled various logistical projects and cut funds to conduct military operations.  In short, the current Administration has surrendered.

The current Administration has reversed the national policy of nearly every administration since George Washington.  We are being ‘re-designed’ so that the United States is merely another helpless nation.

This somehow will prevent further wars.  The connection in poor thinking between the United States’ Second Amendment rights and a strong military is flabbergasting.  “Gun Free Zones” are intended – says the progressive left – to prevent shootings and murders.  Since people cannot carry a firearm into a ‘Gun Free Zone’, no one will be armed and there will be ability to shoot one another.


Which is why none of the recent mass-murderers who killed people in ‘Gun Free Zones’ had guns.  Lack of defensive ability has throughout history been an attraction for the bully, whether as an individual or as a state.  When I was in school, bullies never avoided the weak and disabled because they were weak and disabled.  Likewise, the conquering empires of history never attacked nations or populations that were stronger.

Of course, with progressives, that sort of historical lesson is wasted.

How about any of you?  Can you think?  Do you want a president that looks after the nation, or just his supporters?


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