The Cheney Sisters are ‘Feuding’?

Well, there’s a headline to warm the cockles of the left.

Imagine! Two sisters who disagree on something! I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you! (Thank you, Capitaine Renault.)

The facts speak for themselves: Mary Cheney is an open lesbian; she is married under the laws of the District of Columbia. Does it shock anyone she is in favor of ‘gay marriage’? It doesn’t surprise me; I’ve got a nickel that says it doesn’t surprise her sister, Elizabeth – ‘Liz’. Liz Cheney is a conservative candidate for the Senate. Is it surprising she holds a rather ‘traditional’ view of the marriage concept?

Further, is it any shock or surprise to anyone they differ in views of larger scope?

Finally, is it any shock the left wants to make as much of this as possible? Oooooh! There’s discord in the right.

Does anyone realize what this means? The truth of the matter is rather simple and breathtakingly obvious.

Conservatives think for themselves.

That’s it. Conservatives look at matters and decide on an individual basis. Conservatives are not a monolithic bloc who blindly follow the dictates of their ‘exalted leader’ in the manner of ‘Liberals’, ‘Progressives’ or whatever politically correct term the socialist left is trying to peddle this week.

What I expect is the ‘press release’ from the leftist faction coming up. Various writers will be issuing essays on the subject, and all will contain the essential ‘factoids’ from socialism center. Something on the order of ‘hatred’ (socialist speak for moral standards), inflexibility (socialist speak for knowing what and why one takes a stand on issues) and ‘prejudice’ (which means nothing more than anyone the socialists don’t like.)

I wish Mary Cheney and her partner Heather Poe the very best of life.

I wish Liz Cheney good fortune in her political aspirations – Lord knows we could use more good sense in the Senate and legislature in general.

As long as I’m at it, the very best to Vice President Dick Cheney with his new heart. And to Mrs Cheney, who is probably taking all this more seriously – being Mom – than is required, but not less than a Mom would, my very best wishes and warmest regards.

For the rest of the media; back off, vultures. It’s a family matter and will be solved by the family in question.


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