The Further Adventures of BoneCrusher, the Dire Wolf Scout

Yes, once again, the Dire Wolf scout comes into the fore and defends the hearth, home and clan.

A couple nights ago, my faithful dog Blondie woke me up the middle of the night. She had assumed the persona and attributes of her Dire Wolf alter ego. She alerted me to an invasion of our territory. We had an intruder!

After nearly an hour or so of sniffing under chairs and other bits of furniture, she led me to the kitchen. She was quivering with excitement and keenly observant. She signaled me to move one of the boxes in the back corner and then move back… I did… she pounced almost before I was clear and had the intruder!

Bonecrusher took the o’possum out of the house and into the back yard. She was victorious again.

I went back to sleep.


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