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I’m back from the range.  This morning was our last club ‘bowling pin shoot’ for the summer.  All done until spring of next year now; snif…

I turned in my typical mediocre scores.  Good enough to keep wearing a gun, not good enough to make money shooting in public.  I had a good time and talked with some of my shooting cronies and such.

I did, however, have a cunning plan.  I was going to video some of my shooting strings in order to determine – hopefully prove – a point.  Amongst the other weapons I took – predominately the McGivern twins McGivern Twins
– I also brought a two-inch barreled Chief’s Special (M36, the old pinned barrel revolver),Smith & Wesson Chief's Special left side (2) a Beretta 1935 pistol in .32 ACP (featured in its own report on this very blog),

1935 Beretta pistol

1935 Beretta pistol

and a Beretta 418 pistol in .25 ACP (also featured on this blog).
James Bond's original pistol

James Bond’s original pistol

It was a cunning plan, honest.  Since .22 long rifle handguns can, and regularly do, knock pins off the table, I speculated a .25 ACP would as well.  And a .32 ACP has to have at least as much momentum as a .25 ACP or .22 long rifle, right?  Of course they do.

So I packed up my stuff, including [this time, anyway] all the pistols I wanted to feature AND ammunition for them.  I even remembered the digital camera, tripod AND remembered to check the charge!  My plan was shaping up perfectly.  [Insert evil Mad Scientist laugh here.]

All went well.  Okay, I missed a couple of pins with the McGivern Brothers revolvers.  I got in a hurry, didn’t watch the sights as well as I should have, all those sorts of things.  Still, all the pins went off the table in a reasonable amount of time.

I had a chance to shoot my friend’s Desert Eagle pistol in .44 Magnum.  Contrary to internet rumor, they actually do exist and are shot from time to time.  Also contrary to what some might think from reading postings on the internet, not all Desert Eagle pistols are owned by Mall Ninjas.  (Only the ones marked ‘Deagle’.)  The recoil wasn’t nearly as serious as shooting the Ruger Super Blackhawks I own.  Apparently the recoil operation cushions a good deal of the recoil.  The muzzle blast is pretty serious.  Nor would touch such a firearm off without noting a disturbance in the sight picture.  However, it’s really quite easy to shoot.

I also had an opportunity to shoot another friend’s Ruger 22/45 pistol with a reflex sight.  This sight is very easy to use; so easy in fact I didn’t even have to change over to reading glasses to do it.  Although I must say one must work with the sight a few times to get the idea of just exactly where the red dot appears.  I tend to hold it pointing too high.  Still, the sight delivers well.

Finally, I can shoot my three ‘little’ handguns to see if they will work on bowling pins.  Instead of shooting four ‘tables’ with each pistol, I decided to try one table each with the guns, just to see if the accuracy and ability to knock down the pins exist.  So I set up with all my stuff and the range officer tells me to load.  The first run was the Chief’s Special; I hit all the pins, but didn’t clear them from the table.  Rather than reload and carry on, I let it go.  Second run was the Chief’s Special again; I cleared all the pins with five shots.  (Note:  the trademark just below the ‘neck’ is the best place to hit pins to get them off the table.)  Third run was the Beretta 1935 7.62mm (for the Europhiles) pistol; all pins off table with five shots.  Fourth run was the Beretta 918 6.35mm pistol; all pins off table with five shots.

Just for the tally book, I was very careful in grasping the pistols and I did NOT get slide-bit (for a change.)

The sad part is the digital camera did NOT engage and perform its function on this episode.  I have no record of the event – save in memory.  I’ll have to wait until Spring to attempt it again.

Still, the pistols performed well.  I was a bit surprised at how well.  Both the .32 ACP and the .25 ACP shot right to the sights – at the very least they hit the pins on each try.  And each pin hit dutifully tipped over backwards and went off the table.  Depending on how ‘square’ I hit the pin, some went off rather briskly.

And I still don’t know why the camera didn’t record.  I know I pressed the chicken-plucking button!



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2 responses to “In the ‘Doggonit!’ Category

  1. Thomas Chumley

    I now wear trifocal glasses, which means I can either have goo focus on the target OR the sights, but not both. Frustrating. No one told me growing older was like this. Guess I will have to go with sight picture.

    Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2013 21:26:52 +0000 To:

  2. C’mon, Chum; all the serious target shooters I learned from told me to concentrate on the sights when firing.

    However, I have decided to try to re-create the bowling pin feat with paper targets and hopefully this time I can get the digital camera to work. News and hopefully motion picture to follow…

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