I Like Ike Boutwell



Ike Boutwell is the owner of the movie theater in Kentucky that will not show the movie “The Butler” simply because it features Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda, as you all remember, is the actress and anti-U. S. activist traitor who worked so hard during the Vietnam War to get U. S. servicemen killed and or tortured.  Quite frankly, she gets none of my money as far as I am able to control.  Not only did the people producing this movie put Traitor Jane in the movie, they cast her as Nancy Reagan to further offend.


This is the United States, and even Jane – the traitor – Fonda gets to publicly proclaim her traitor nature.  Ike Boutwell and I have the right to remember her ignoble traitorous actions and ignore her to the best of our abilities.


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