Some Thoughts from Looking at the Moon

I like to look at the night sky.  There are few things that fill me with wonder like looking at the night sky.  All those stars suspended in the inconceivable vastness of space – and the Moon.  The following thoughts are mine; they may echo someone else, but these thoughts are the product of my own thinking.  They have formed over some period of time and didn’t just pop into my alleged mind as I write them.  But I finally decided to record them.

Did you know the Moon is crucial to the existence of the Earth?  (Okay, this part is NOT my thinking; it is prologue.)  The Moon acts as a gravitational stabilizer, keeping the Earth on a fairly even axis.  Yes, the axis of the Earth has a rather minor yaw to it, but nothing like what it would be without the Moon to keep it balanced.  There are essays and a think a book or two on the subject, so I will not explain it all here.  But the Moon is needed to make the Earth the place it is.  Among other things, the stabilizing effect maintains the regularity of the seasons.  If the seasons weren’t as regular as they are, chances are farmers would not be as successful as they are in growing crops and feeding humanity.

But here’s the ‘odd’ bit, in my mind.  The Moon would serve the function just as well were it a dull lump of gray rock.  Instead, the Moon is beautiful to behold.  At least to me, and from various stories and bits of poetry I’ve read, to others as well all through the history of humanity.  So why is is beautiful?

I work with leather as a hobby.  I don’t make saddles for horses – no reason to do so – but I appreciate the function and operation of saddles.  A saddle is a meticulously made device and requires no less care in the design.  AND, there is a certain beauty to a saddle.  The sweep of the curves, the color and texture and appearance of the leather used, and even the decoration.  Why have people decorated saddles all throughout history?  Mostly – as far as I can figure – just as expression of the maker’s joy in building them and a bit of honest pride in the workmanship.

I think the Moon is beautify because when God put it in place, He wanted to show He was honestly proud of His handiwork.  And perhaps just as a bit of extra to demonstrate His gift.  From my philosopher’s stance, the beauty of the Moon is evidence – if not exactly ‘proof’ – of God being God and an actual being.

Then there are all those craters.  According to the astronomers who study such things, they are the result of a myriad of meteor impacts over a long period of time.  From the study of the structure of the Solar System – and the structure of stars, planets and the Galaxy at large – this time of impacts date back quite a long time.  Sadly, much longer than the six thousand year limit imposed by those who comprise the Young Earth Creation (YEC) faction.

If one reads the Bible ‘literally’, the entire Universe was created in six days of twenty-four hours each.  To explain the apparent age of the Solar System and Moon, the YEC proponents claim God created the Universe with the ‘appearance of age’.  In the present discussion, the craters on the Moon were either present at the time of creation, or all the meteor impacts happened in a rather short period of time.

That explanation however, sadly conflicts with the observations of astronomers, who base their findings and conclusions on the natural laws of the Universe.  Since it was the very same God who created the Universe also established the natural laws of Universe, I find a contradiction.  Why would the God who established the laws of the Universe ignore them in creating the Universe?  And then why would that Creator God falsify phenomenon to make things ‘look’ older than they are?  To claim He did so is to accuse God of providing false evidence.  I find that unacceptable.

As I have stated on other occasions, I have no doubt the very same God who redeemed my soul created the Universe and all accessories.  The Bible says God ‘spoke’ it all into existence.  I have no doubt about that, either.  I just believe the Eternal and Infinite Creator – who has no beginning and no end – just might not be in such a hurry to do things as some good folks seem to think.  For instance, I think my Lord and Father speaks a bit slower than one might think.

The reader of course must satisfy their own mind and soul on the matter.

But the Moon is simply gorgeous.  I don’t know who can argue with that.


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