Amazing! God Is On The Wrong Side

Anthea Butler, associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Religious Studies, feels that God – the Christian One, she says – is a racist.

Here’s her blog commentary on the subject.  Please read it and then come back and finish this essay.

Here’s my point:  If one feels the God who created the Heavens and the Earth, who spoke (at least metaphorically) the Universe into existence from nothing, the God who created mankind in His own image and so forth and so on… If that God is on ‘the other side’, perhaps one should seriously reconsider which ‘side’ one supports.

Anthea Butler is part of the Department of Religious Studies at University of Pennsylvania.  (I already said that, but I’m trying to get it straight in my head as well.)  This does not speak well for ‘religion’ to me.  Which, by the by, is one of the reasons I do like the term ‘religion’ applied to me;  I am not ‘religious’, I am Christian; a follower of Jesus Christ.  There’s a massive difference, but that’s another essay.

In her comments, Miss Butler says:  “God ain’t good all of the time. In fact, sometimes, God is not for us.”

She is right in her second sentence and doesn’t understand the underlying reality.  God is not ‘for us’ in the sense of taking sides.  God is ‘the side’, that is, God represents – originates, sustains –  all that is good.  The other side is all that is twisted, distorted, evil.  So we as human are either ‘with God’ or ‘against God’.  But God does not pick some of ‘us’ (humanity) and ‘side’ with us.  We side and align with Him; that’s how it works.

As far as “God ain’t good…” is concerned, nonsense.  What Miss Butler  says is “God doesn’t do my bidding”.  She is either rather limited in her understanding or simply ignoring the reality.  This is much like the five year old child who protests his parents do not love him because they will not allow him to eat all the Hershey’s bars he can hold.  The parents are concerned over the child’s good, which the child does not understand.

As a ‘Religious Studies’ academic, Miss Butler has a woeful lack of understanding of God and His nature.

God, in the Person of Jesus Christ, died willingly to be the sacrifice for any of mankind who accepts the Sacrifice and Lordship of Jesus.  There are no ‘race’ restrictions in that offer.  Does God recognize different races?  I should think so; He’s not blind or stupid.  God is also remarkably ‘aware’.  Does God have a ‘favorite’ or a ‘despised’ race?  Not that He has chosen to reveal.

God did – many winters ago – choose the Israelites to be His ‘Chosen People’.  In the Bible, He makes clear He chose the Israelites because they were – at the time – a politically, economically and militarily insignificant group.  In fact, when God chose them, they weren’t even a ‘people’, they were one man and his wife.  The rest of the deal was, they – the Israelites – were to obey Him in all things.  That didn’t work all the time, as the Bible records.

However, at no point does God indicate He ‘hates’ anyone; other than those who reject Him.  Funny how that works.

So.  Miss Butler feels God is a White Racist.  God is on the ‘other side’.  Perhaps Miss Butler should re-evaluate if she is on the right side.  Of course, that requires honesty and self-awareness.


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