Attorney General Works for Criminals

In an address to the NAACP, U. S. Attorney General (and public disgrace) Eric Holder wants to ‘review’ laws which allow citizens to stand up to attackers, thieves, bullies and other persons concerned with destroying the public peace.

What AG Holder wishes to change the laws allowing citizens and residents (that’s people like you, I trust) to defend themselves against felonious attacks without retreat.  AG Holder this would prevent ‘escalation’ of violence in cases where a ruffian attacks a victim.  By preventing the victim from defense, AG Holder feels there would be less violence in the U. S.


Which makes perfect sense if one is rooting for the thugs.

Mr. Holder, whom do you protect:  regular citizens or thugs?  Silly me, you answered that when you refused to even investigate the Black Panthers intimidating white voters in Philadelphia, didn’t you?


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