On the Road, Again

My summer vacation/drive is rapidly approaching. In the next several weeks, I shall be venturing out upon the unsuspecting country, looking, sightseeing, observing and otherwise gawping about.

I have a rather full agenda, he said hopefully. I intend to see some old friends in southern Texas; then on to see the Alamo – a bastion of American courage and determination. From there, in honor of an old Marty Robbins song, I shall pass through El Paso, Texas. I will NOT seek out or present my custom at Rosa’s Cantina; nor shall I dance with any young women named Felicia. (I’ve heard that song too many times.) In fact, with these knees, I probably won’t dance at all.

Stop and see some friends in North Eastern Arizona; then on to Southern California to see my grandson and his parents. Also visit a mentor of mine.

Then point North and go to Oregon to see my daughter and a small group of old friends from my misspent youth. A side trip to Washington State for more friends and then Eastward back toward the Grand Central Plateau and home.

Of course, this may all change depending on who is available and how the price of gasoline changes.

On the other hand, I will have a left and right pair of holsters for a matched pair of .38 Special Hand Ejectors with me. I’ll be traveling in style.


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One response to “On the Road, Again

  1. Thomas Chumley

    What is a “vacation”; for that matter, What is retirement? I’m still feeding adult kids & grandkids!

    Seriously, I envy anyone that can get out on the road & enjoy the trip as well as the destinations.


    Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 20:05:35 +0000 To: tp_chumley@hotmail.com

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