Another Shooting in New Orleans; Nothing Learned

According to the article, the New Orleans Police Department has identified one suspect in the Mother’s Day Parade shooting.

The suspect, believed to be actively shooting at random people, is one Akein Scott, 19 years of age, of New Orleans. Mr. Scott is described in part as “no stranger to the criminal justice system”, having prior arrests for firearms and drug charges. What a shock! From the picture shown, Mr. Scott appears to be of a predominately negroid genetic background; this of course is politically incorrect to mention.

Of particular offensive nature, yet politically correct is the article citation of ‘angry residents’ citing ‘gun violence’. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no such thing as ‘gun violence’. I own – um – several firearms. None of them are violent. In fact, all of them are quite peaceful and passive. Not one of them, EVER, has committed an act of violence on its own.

VIOLENCE is a human behavior. VIOLENCE takes an act of human will to happen; not an inanimate object taking over. VIOLENCE is caused by a human acting on self-centered desires while ignoring the safety and well-being of others.

This is a lesson not learned. Human behavior is not dependent on objects.

The article also cites ‘angry residents’ mentioning ‘poverty and urban blight’ as problems along with ‘gun violence. This means what? If someone else cleaned up their neighborhoods and gave them money, the problems would cease? Here’s the second unlearned lesson: Being a victim. As long as one is a victim, one shirks all responsibility for one’s actions.

“Poverty”? Why are people in poverty? Despite all the excuses and Marxist rhetoric, the main reason people live in poverty is the inability or unwillingness to produce anything. In simple terms, they do not work; at anything. Yes, all kinds of excuses; lack of education – which they chose not to follow, dropping out of school because learning was too hard; not finding a suitable job – because all that is available to a non-reader is manual labor that is both hard and low-paying… the list goes on and on, but they are all excuses.

The real reason (in the U. S.) is those in ‘poverty’ don’t want to work and demand someone else give them money. Since 1964, when President Johnson began the “Great Society” programs, this approach has been shown to NOT work. The U. S. has spent billions (if not trillions) of dollars of tax money on ‘poverty’ programs. The net result is the U. S. has more people living in the poverty levels – and a higher rate of people living in the poverty levels – than existing in 1964.

Another unlearned lesson: Simply giving money to those who will not work does not help society or the populace. Or even the recipient of the money.

One last thing and I’ll give it a rest.

Mr. Scott – the suspect in the parade shooting – as you recall has been arrested before on firearms and drug charges. No mention if he has been convicted or plead guilty to any of these charges. If he has, he is barred from owning or possessing a firearm. At the age of 19, he may not purchase a handgun under federal law. Therefore, no further ‘gun control’ laws are needed for this problem. Further ‘gun control’ laws will target me – a retired federal lawman who is no threat to public peace and security – and raise taxes to pay for more ‘oversight’ while doing NOTHING to stop thugs from shooting up public places.

That is the last unlearned lesson for today: Human behavior (misbehavior – violence) cannot be deterred by vilifying an inanimate object. Pretty simple, but difficult for the Leftists to grasp.


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