Really Stupid Things Said by Attornies, Who Should Know Better

First, one might want to read the original article to get the background. It is short, maybe three minutes to read.

May I direct the reader’s attention to paragraphs six and seven, which read thusly:

Muto’s attorney, Florian Miedel, said Muto should not have been treated like a criminal, despite admitting he stole material from his employer.

“Making him accept a criminal conviction is unfortunate for conduct that is fairly commonplace in the industry,” Miedel said.

Mr. Muto committed acts which are in violation of the criminal code, and are morally repugnant – treachery against an employer or other person who trusts the betrayer. Why should he not be “treated like a criminal”? Mr. Muto did ‘criminal actions’, isn’t that the definition of a criminal? To plead our society should not treat criminals like criminals is both idiotic and counter productive.

However, let’s address Mr. Meidel’s thinking for a moment. Mr. Meidel seems to think Mr. Muto’s conduct should be allowed, because such deeds of treachery are “… fairly commonplace in the industry”. In other words, ‘every one does it!”

Mr. Meidel; robbing banks by force and threatening people in the process is “… fairly commonplace in the [bank robbing] industry”. Should we as a society therefore not treat bank robbers like criminals? Does the same apply to rapists? After all, rapists do what is ‘commonplace’ in the rape industry.

Here’s another thought for Mr. Meidel; is that the best defense one can muster for an accused? Not even, “My client was under a great deal of stress and wasn’t thinking clearly at the time” or “My client is very ashamed and repentant of his despicable actions”; simply “Everybody does it”. That’s the defense? My mind boggles and my stomach lurches.

Hopefully, this event will be remembered when Mr. Muto attempts employment again. “Oh, yes; you’re the one who steals information and sells it to line his pockets. Interesting resume, sir.”

The same applies to Mr. Meidel. “I’m in serious trouble and looking for an attorney to get me off. Oh, yes; you’re the ‘everybody does it’ defense guy. Thanks anyway.”

This is a free market society. People are free to spend their money as they see fit. (Except for taxes, of course.) Perhaps if more people pay attention to whom they hire, and demand a certain level of both integrity and competence, we’d be better off as a society.

If we as a society start forgiving crime as ‘too popular to prosecute or convict’, we’re done as a society and a nation. We’re already much to close to that status as it is.


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