An Apology to an Old Friend

In the privacy of one’s own thoughts, one remembers failings and sins against others.

I remember a fellow with whom I once worked. He was brash, ostentatious, a braggart past his abilities. He rubbed me the wrong way, as is said. Probably the more so as he reminded me of my own failings which I tried to keep secret and avoid facing.

I did not treat him well. I should have done better by him. I think – and I am probably soft-peddling my own regrettable attitude and actions – I wanted him to do better. To be a better man than he was. He did need to be a better man, almost as much as I did.

Our paths parted long ago, over twenty-five years. I have no idea of where he might be or what he might be doing now. I hope his life turned as well or better than mine.

This may not mean much to anyone, even that fellow if he ever finds it and reads it, but I regret my actions. I am deeply and truly ashamed of my conduct towards him.

Ernie From the Stars, I apologize. In mistreating you, I was angry with myself. I pray things are going well with you and your life is overall good. Go with God, and should we meet again, you are welcome in my house.


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