No, I’m Not Going to Buy Energy Drinks

While perusing television as of late, I have been involuntary witness to any number of commercials. Commercials are of course what pays for television production, so on the few shows I like to watch – mostly fictional detective programs – I find commercials a proper time to visit the loo, pet the dog, scratch or find something upon which to snack.

Every twice in a while though, I see a commercial. One cannot always be relieving, petting, scratching or snacking.

One of those commercials is the one featuring a young man, seemingly good looking, healthy and of not more than 30 winters in age. The young man in question is telling of all he has accomplished in the past five hours with the energy drink being promoted.

In the past five hours, he has run a marathon while knitting a sweater, learned to play guitar while reading a book, and become a Ping Pong ‘master’ while recording his debut album.

He asserts the use of the energy drink has enabled him to accomplish all these feats. In five hours.

My thought is, if such a healthy young man suffers such hallucinations and is thrust into such a delusional state, what might it do to a run-down, slight off kilter, old coot like me?

I’ll stick with Scotch. Much safer.



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4 responses to “No, I’m Not Going to Buy Energy Drinks

  1. Thomas Chumley

    Sounds like “Cocaine-Cola”!

    Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 17:26:23 +0000 To:

  2. As I recall, Coca-Cola was originally a patent medicine and had coca extract. Still, I don’t need to be any more squirrely.

  3. Tom

    Heh, yeah.
    I generally find that if a company needs an expensive advertising campaign to push their product it is usually because everybody is better off without it and would not go seek it out on their own.


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