The Dogs of Islam Strike Again

Not content with resting on their laurels as cowards, back-shooters, lovers of stupid and general all-around worthless bags of protoplasm, the Taliban has reached for the sky and shot a fourteen year old unarmed girl.  And just to ‘make sure’, the pig-blooded thug who was sent to shoot the young lady in question shot another girl because – as a proper and proud Taliban slug – he was too stupid to identify the correct target.  Even at that, the degenerate dispatched to kill the young woman DID NOT SUCCEED.  He is not only a cowardly dog, but he’s an incompetent cowardly dog.  Be proud, Taliban.

She has committed the ‘obscenity’ of both showing the world the hideous and dog-like acts of this particular inbreed of Islam, AND she works for education of girls so that women in Islam are more than cattle.  Being exposed for the cowardly dogs they are and the fear of not being able to be ‘superior’ to women frightens these unmanly sons of pigs so much they are forced to shoot an unarmed girl.
So.  When will the world hear the ‘outrage’ of the Muslim world?  All those ‘moderate’ Muslims who are really peaceful and decent people, where are they right now?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regularly takes to the microphones to condemn ‘Zionist’ horrors; why is he now silent regarding this hideous act of barbaric viciousness?  Where is the leader of the Palestinian Authority?  When is he going to speak out, since he is a peaceful man who respects Allah?  How about the leaders of CAIR, the ‘Council on American-Islamic Relations’?  I just looked at their website; there is a condemnation of the attack on the American Embassy in Libya, but no mention of this current outrage and attempted murder.  Perhaps they’re readying a statement as we speak?

Or maybe CAIR is writing about the burning of a Mosque in Toledo, Ohio this last week.  Will they mention the Christian church aiding the mosque congregation, because the Christians are appalled at the cowardly act on the part of some unknown?
When Islam starts cleaning up its own act by shunning, exposing, condemning and punishing cowardly, sniveling disreputable men – the Taliban in general – who commit acts of horror and terror like shooting young girls; then, perhaps the world will start recognizing Islam as a religion worthy to deal with the ‘adults’ of the world.  Until then, all Muslims are tarred – some perhaps unjustly, but few it seems – with the brush of juvenile thought and ugly violence simply for the love of violence.




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2 responses to “The Dogs of Islam Strike Again

  1. Adam Z

    “All those ‘moderate’ Muslims who are really peaceful and decent people, where are they right now?”
    The World Shia Forum condemned the attack:

    The MPAC condemned the attack:

    The FCNA condemned the attack:

    The PM of Pakistan condemned the attack:

    and there’s also a number of Facebook pages about her, like this one:

    These took me about 5 minutes to find, I’m sure there are other responses too. There are moderate muslims condemning this and other atrocities – no one cares though. The taliban, western news media, and the people who so readily shout “where are these so-called moderate muslims at then?” all the time. No one gives a damn.

    • Yes. Some groups ‘condemned’ the action. They publicly issued a statement about how tragic, sad and terrible it was. Then they went back to usual; condemning Israel and promoting Sharia in the U. S. and the rest of the world.

      When ‘moderate’ Muslims nail down the terrorists, I will ‘give a damn’. As long as they just mumble some half-hearted and vague statement, you are correct, I do not. Because it does not mean anything. Nothing. Nada. لا شيء

      Any other lip service comments to make? Feel free to come back; you’ll note I posted your comment. Not that any of it means anything. But come back when you actually have something of value to share. I’ll publish that as well.

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