So, Now What?

Five days ago I posted an essay regarding ignorance and judgement.

Now I have a question. Of course, the question needs some introduction.

The causal story in the previous essay was that of Pastor Jack Schapp having an affair with a seventeen year old girl and thereby losing his pastorate. Cafe Mom thought it horrible a fifty-four year old man would be having sex with a seventeen year old girl.

For reasons I will explain momentarily, I looked at Cafe Mom again just a couple minutes ago (on Tuesday, 21 August 2012) and noted Cafe Mom had also posted a commentary on Congressman Todd Akin’s remarks about killing babies using rape as an excuse. They seem to not like Congressman Akin – who admittedly gave a really bad response when questioned.

Now, today I see a headline about Minnesota state Representative Kerry Gauthier (a ‘male’ Kerry, to avoid confusion) who has admitted to both advertising on Craig’s list for ‘no strings attached sex’ and, as a result of said advertisement, having oral sex with a seventeen year old boy. Also to avoid confusion, the age of consent in Minnesota is sixteen, so there’s no ‘underage sex’ involved.

To their credit, the leaders of his party in Minnesota have asked him not to run for re-election. They haven’t asked him to resign immediately, but Congress seems to be taking leave until the elections anyway. No decision from Rep. Gauthier yet.

That’s why I looked at the Cafe Mom website. They haven’t published anything about Rep Gauthier yet. I’m wondering what the reaction at Cafe Mom is going to be? Are they going to be outraged, concerned, upset, annoyed or grossed out? They were outraged – if I understood correctly – about Jack Schapp fooling around with a seventeen year old girl. They are at least annoyed with Tod Akin’s comments on rape and his stance on abortion. What about Kerry Gauthier and an unnamed seventeen year old boy? How about the tacky nature of advertising on Craig’s List for ‘no strings attached sex’?

Or is the main issue Rep. Gauthier is a Democrat?

Todd Akin is a Republican and Jack Schapp is – well, was – a Baptist pastor. Perhaps only non-Democrats are viewed with outrage?


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2 responses to “So, Now What?

  1. Jack Schapp was married at the time of his discovered marriage and firing. I haven’t kept track since then.

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