Nothing New Under the Sun

… so said the King of Israel, Solomon, some three thousand (give or take) years ago.

From the ‘Christian Quotation of the Day’ service, the quotation for today, Saturday 11th August 2012, is as follows:

“Men do not like to hear of the interposition of Providence in the affairs of the world; and they invidiously ascribe ability and skill to His agents, to escape the thought of an Infinite Wisdom and an Almighty power. They will be unjust to their brethren, lest they must be just to Him.”

The quotation is by John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890).

The date of the statement, taken from a sermon, is not given, but obviously was prior to 1890.

It is still true today. Any time one makes mention of God in world events, daily affairs, one’s personal life or whatever, there are those who just have a fit. Reactions range from sneering to jeering to outright denial. How could one possibly believe in ‘fairy tales’?

The secular world is so terrified God really exists they take any and all occasions to loudly deny His existence. Amazing.


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