Finally! One of my Most Desired Holy Grail List Items! [Insert Evil Laugh here.]

I have wanted one of these since the early 1970s at least. I never had both money and opportunity in the same portion of the Space-Time Continuum prior to this occasion. But there it was; left in the display case and no one wanting it.

Actually, there was another fellow fondling it on the counter – but he hesitated and said he really didn’t want it. I pounced!

Smith & Wesson model 27 with three and one half inch barrel. J. Edgar Hoover, eat your heart out.

I will post a better picture of it when I have good light. The grips have been replaced as well.

For those out of the cognoscenti, this is one of the fabled Smith & Wesson “Three Fifty Seven Magnum” revolvers. After 1957 or so, they became known as the ‘Model 27’. This particular specimen has the most coveted barrel length of three and one-half inches. Smith & Wesson serial numbers are hard to identify as to year of manufacture; I can say this revolver was made between 1969 (has “N” prefix on serial number) and 1982 (changed to cheaper non-pinned barrel and ceased recessing chambers.). It is the older style ‘pinned and recessed’ manufacture.

This is better than sex.

More details and shooting report to follow. It does have a nice trigger pull, both double and single action.

Here are pictures with better lighting and the proper grips installed.

Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver – model 27 – with 3.5 inch barrel and Fitz grips

Shooting report to follow in a few days.


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One response to “Finally! One of my Most Desired Holy Grail List Items! [Insert Evil Laugh here.]

  1. Thomas Chumley

    I may have to go change my underwear! In 1965 I bought my first revolver; a .357 Magnum 4″ S&W Model 27 “Highway Patrolman”. Carried it as a duty revolver in the 70s when I was a Patrolman (that’s right; we had not yet be come “Police Officers”, we were Patrolmen or Police Women. (insert “Exclamation relating to sex act”, used to obtain emphasis here), Wish I still had it. Chum I am green with envy.

    Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 02:31:55 +0000 To:

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