So Who is Really Hateful?

For those who have been living in a cave or the dark side of the Moon for the past month or so, we had a flap centered on Chick-fil-a.

Then, a particular man (at least by some definition) made a cell phone video of himself haranguing a Chick-fil-a employee at the drive through window AFTER taking a ‘free cup of water’ from her. This individual took exception to the CEO of Chick-fil-a being in favor of traditional marriage. Instead of writing to the CEO, or attempting to make an appointment to air his grievance in person, this individual took the rather cowardly route of driving through a Chick-fil-a order window and being needlessly offensive to a rather pleasant young woman. In other words, he bullied her.

Then, in a fit of narcissistic (I always have to use spell check to get that word right) fervor, he posted the video – under an assumed name on the internet. He then pulled the video off the internet, but too late. He was recognized.

See for details.

His employer, in fact, recognized him. He has been terminated from his last employment. See for details.

I’m somewhat sorry the man lost his job. I feel for those who let their baser instincts get the better of their intellect. At the same time, I would not employ a man who is so emotional that he bullies people who cannot fight back and then proclaims he feels he has done something worthwhile – which he did say in the video he made. Such a man is not reliable nor dependable. He’s a loose cannon, figuratively speaking. Literally, he’s a loose mouth. I do not want such a man working for me, representing my company (if I had a company); not even if he were ‘on my side’. There are proper ways to express one’s opinion, and one’s disapproval of the actions and positions of others.

All throughout this flap, I’ve heard heard accusations of “hateful” Christians opposing ‘gay marriage’. Truth to tell, this man is the most hateful person I’ve heard so far.

If you have information about a hateful Christian, please present it and I’ll publish it.



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2 responses to “So Who is Really Hateful?

  1. He has every right to feel angry, offended and disappointed. For people who are gay or love someone who is, things like this are difficult to see as anything but personal. I don’t fault him for the way he feels. But to take it out on a drive through employee was a bad call. Still, I feel as if this and similar incidents are always used by both sides as a distraction from the real issues at hand. This is only part of a larger problem and to get caught up discussing one man’s emotional outburst is only going to make for more bickering without actually getting closer to a peaceful resolution.

  2. From what he said, Mr. Smith is not homosexual in any way. He was incensed by what he labeled as ‘hate’. I have my own suspicions that cannot be verified, so they will remain my private suspicions.

    Even so, his anger being ‘justified’ or not, my point was two fold: One, taking it out on a low level employee who has no say in company policy AND who cannot reply in kind is cowardly and hateful, and Two, his rather childish outburst cost him his job. Not his point of view, but his improper behavior.

    His actions fan the flames of discord and prevent getting closer to actual resolution.

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