Christianity Did Not Fail

Matthew Paul Turner published an essay on 02 August 2012, titled “5 Reasons Why the Church Failed Yesterday”. This was commentary on the Chick-fil-a “Appreciation Day” of the first of August, 2012.

I have reproduced the essence of Mr. Turner’s essay here for reasons of brevity; that is, I have edited it only by deleting portions. I have not intentionally altered his message or sentiment. For the full essay, see the actual essay at Mr. Turner’s blog
I urge serious readers to examine his essay prior to reading my response.

Please feel free to inform me if I have altered his meaning.

Yesterday’s campaign, while I don’t think it should be considered or called “hate,” neither can it be called love. Christians all over America ignored the second greatest commandment: to love our neighbors. Call yesterday what you want … but it cannot be called love. It was not love.

So says Mr. Turner. One notes he doesn’t know what to call it. One could rationally call it ‘upholding a principle’. So how would ‘love’ appear? Would ‘love’ demand a total acceptance of the homosexual life style, abandoning Biblical teachings? I think that’s a bit much. Christian ‘love’ cannot abandon Christ, that’s pretty simple. Christian ‘love’ demands a Christian to be concerned about every other persons Eternal soul, and that other person’s relationship to God before anything else. To pretend otherwise is to demonstrate ignorance of Christian love.

People felt hate and we ignored that…
Whether or not hate actually existed is not the point, people felt hated…rather than acknowledging those feelings or trying to understand or engage them in any way, Christians everywhere marched off to their local CFA …

Christians ‘hate’ the sin of homosexuality, because God hates it. Christians do not, as a group, hate individuals who partake in that sin. Homosexuals who feel ‘hated’ do so because they are unwilling to acknowledge the position of Christianity or try to understand or engage it in any way.

The point really is there was and is no hate of any individual or person. But by ‘feeling’ hate, which according to Mr. Turner is more important than the reality, they can be ‘victims’. In Islamic countries, homosexuals can feel victimized by ‘religion’. Not here. Be responsible for one’s own skewed perceptions.

By rallying behind CFA, Christians put an issue above people. And it’s impossible to follow Jesus when issues trump people…

No; Christians put Biblical principle above the acceptance of sin and sinful conduct. It is impossible to follow Jesus and ignore His will.
Once again, the mass actions of Christians built another wall of distrust between the Church and the GLBTQ communities…
Once in a while, our culture needs to be surprised by how much we love people–all people… Once in a while, our culture needs to see us being a part of the solution and not the problem…

The truth is, the walls of distrust are built by those who indulge in and cling to sin. Since the sin they enjoy is more precious to them than the truth of God, no truth can appeal to them. (The sin doesn’t matter; homosexuality, heterosexual immorality, greed, substance abuse, pride or whatever.) The solution is Jesus and only Jesus. Ignoring Jesus is the problem.

Yesterday’s hoopla surrounding CFA did nothing to prove that Christians don’t hate gay people.

Which is predicated on the premise “Christians must before anything else prove they don’t hate gay people”.

Christians are obliged by the Bible to preach the truth of God to all; to inform all people of sin and estrangement from God, what God has done to restore the relationship between God and man and how an individual may take advantage of that work of God.

Christianity teaches one who accepts the Lordship of Jesus becomes a ‘new creation’. Therein lies the rub; many people don’t want to become a ‘new creature’, they like being the creature they are. Some individuals openly reject the message of Jesus. Others want to partially accept the Lordship of Jesus; they want the benefit of Divine favor, but want to remain the old creature with which they are comfortable.

‘Major’ sins (a misconception, all sins are equal) are the easiest to renounce. Most people can readily agree they should stop being a murderer, rapist, narcotics addict, thief and so on. Harder are the personal – somewhat hidden – vices of simple greed, casual sex, self-indulgence. Yet harder are the identity problems like compulsive sexual activity which can be viewed as acceptable social behavior, the ‘everyone does it’ defense.

For some reason, many homosexual people refuse to admit their behavior is sinful (as do many heterosexual people.) In fact, homosexual people are offended when this is mentioned. The expectation is their conduct must be accepted as both normal and moral.

So, in order to demonstrate ‘love’, Christians are required to ignore the sin nature of homosexual conduct. As mentioned prior, one does not ‘love’ by abandoning God’s commands and will.


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