Who Didn’t Build What?

President Obama has once again revealed his ignorance of how the world at large and the United States in particular operates.

His much publicized comment of “… you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen” has raised a goodly amount of furor and flap. His detractors criticize the sentiment and his devotees attempt to justify it. In context, it is a bit softer; the President is attempting to paint a picture of the entire nation building a united whole, cooperating all the while.

Of course, his claimed perspective would make more sense if he didn’t keep harping on ‘taxing the rich’, wouldn’t it? When he says ‘… we’re in this together…’ he’s talking about his supporters and excluding the rich. Which is silly, because both George Soros and Warren Buffet are on his side.

Here’s what the President misses. Prior to the government – any government – building infrastructure, that government has to collect taxes. Taxes can only be paid if the citizenry has money to pay. Money comes from the concept of wealth, which can only be generated by commerce. Either agricultural or industrial, it is business and business only which generates wealth.

The President misses the mark because he thinks government is the answer to all worldly problems. When the President claims – implies – the infrastructure of the U. S. is (solely) the work of government, he is presuming all wealth belongs to the government. This is a clearly Marxist concept and is contrary to the historic view of the United States.

Sorry, Mr. President but you’re just plain wrong. Apple Computer was in fact built by some guys in a garage. If anyone thinks it was due to government influence and an empty garage, there would be hundreds of thousands of computer companies all over the U. S. One for every garage.


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