Today I Get to Brag Some…

I went to the monthly “Precision Rifle” match at the Sportsman’s Club today. I was told we were going to shoot from a bipod, prone from the grass today. So I took my Remington 700 Varmint rifle in .308 Winchester with the evil black plastic stock and a pretty expensive telescopic sight made in Oregon. I grabbed a box of ammo loaded specifically for this rifle dated October 2002.

I get to the range and the situation has changed. It’s too windy, they says, so we’ll do something else. From a bench rest, we fired a couple rounds each at the ‘gong’ hung at the 285 yard mark. (The range used to be 300 yards, but the club had to move the firing line forward by fifteen yards – long before I got here and I have no clue.) Firing at the gong passed for zero verification. It’s about a twelve inch diameter plate, so at nearly 300 yards, that’s a four minute disc (more or less). I was ‘on’.

So then the match officials hung some Caldwell ‘Orange Peel’ targets at the 285 yard line and we all – in turn – fired five shots at a specific target within a five minute limit. I fired mine rather quickly – not that it gives extra points, but the sight picture looked good and the trigger fell well.

I have attached a picture of my target. This is why I get to brag today.My Bragging Target
Yes, the target is upside down. That’s how the match official hung it. My name at the top is the top as I saw and fired at the target.

The shot hole on the left side of the target (in the 8 right at 8 o’clock) is NOT one of my shots. It does not count for my target. Ignore it. Pretend it isn’t there. My shots are the five shots in the upper right quadrant. As best as I can measure between the centers of the shot holes, the group is 2.430 inches tall and 1.328 inches wide. Converted to ‘minutes of angle’ – which is how knowledgeable shooters brag about their ability – the group figures about .85 x .47 minutes of angle. (Very quickly, a circle is divided into 360 degree of angle; each degree is divided into 60 minutes of angle which are divided into 60 seconds of angle. Shooters don’t fool with the ‘seconds’ measurement.) Yes, I would have been happier had the single ‘high’ shot been in with the other four; I’d be ecstatic had the ‘high’ shot and the ‘right’ shot been touching the other three, but, it’s good to have room to improve.

Considering I haven’t fired this rifle since last year, I’m pretty tickled with the results. It reminds me of that old adage, “I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good ONCE as I ever was!”

Next month of course may tell a different tale. But I’ll lie about next month, next month.


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